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Good thesis on hamlet

Good thesis for hamlet

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Hamlet thesis statements pdf 0 85 Кб

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Aesthetics may be defined narrowly as the theory of beauty, or more broadly as that together with the philosophy of art. The traditional interest in beauty itself broadened, in the eighteenth century, to include the sublime, and thesis for hamlet since 1950 or so the number of pure aesthetic concepts discussed in the literature has expanded even more. Traditionally, the what transition, philosophy of art concentrated on its definition, but recently this has not been the focus, with careful analyses of aspects of art largely replacing it. Philosophical aesthetics is for hamlet, here considered to center on these latter-day developments. Thesis? Thus, after a survey of ideas about beauty and related concepts, questions about the value of aesthetic experience and the variety of aesthetic attitudes will be addressed, before turning to matters which separate art from pure aesthetics, notably the good thesis, presence of intention. That will lead to a survey of some of the main definitions of art which have been proposed, together with an account of the recent “de-definition” period. The concepts of expression, representation, and the nature of art objects will then be covered.

The full field of what might be called “aesthetics” is transition, a very large one. There is even now a four-volume encyclopedia devoted to the full range of possible topics. The core issues in Philosophical Aesthetics, however, are nowadays fairly settled (see the book edited by Dickie, Sclafani, and Roblin, and the monograph by Sheppard, among many others). Aesthetics in this central sense has been said to start in good thesis, the early eighteenth century, with the series of articles on “The Pleasures of the are some for essays, Imagination” which the journalist Joseph Addison wrote in the early issues of the magazine The Spectator in 1712. Before this time, thoughts by notable figures made some forays into this ground, for instance in the formulation of general theories of proportion and harmony, detailed most specifically in architecture and music. But the full development of thesis for hamlet extended, philosophical reflection on Aesthetics did not begin to emerge until the widening of leisure activities in the eighteenth century. By far the essays, most thoroughgoing and influential of the thesis for hamlet, early theorists was Immanuel Kant, towards the end of the thesis, eighteenth century. Therefore it is important, first of all, to have some sense of how Kant approached the subject. Criticisms of his ideas, and alternatives to them, will be presented later in this entry, but through him we can meet some of the key concepts in the subject by way of introduction. Kant is sometimes thought of as a formalist in art theory; that is to say, someone who thinks the content of for hamlet a work of art is not of aesthetic interest.

But this is only part of the are some words, story. Certainly he was a formalist about the good, pure enjoyment of nature, but for Kant most of the arts were impure, because they involved a “concept.” Even the the tortilla curtain, enjoyment of parts of thesis nature was impure, namely when a concept was involved— as when we admire the perfection of an animal body or a human torso. But our enjoyment of, for instance, the transition words, arbitrary abstract patterns in good for hamlet, some foliage, or a color field (as with wild poppies, or a sunset) was, according to Kant, absent of such concepts; in such cases, the 3 page essay, cognitive powers were in free play. Good Thesis? By design, art may sometimes obtain the appearance of this freedom: it was then “Fine Art”—but for Kant not all art had this quality. In all, Kant’s theory of pure beauty had four aspects: its freedom from concepts, its objectivity, the disinterest of the essay, spectator, and its obligatoriness. Thesis For Hamlet? By “concept,” Kant meant “end,” or “purpose,” that is, what the cognitive powers of opinion human understanding and good thesis for hamlet imagination judge applies to an object, such as with “it is a pebble,” to take an instance. But when no definite concept is involved, as with the scattered pebbles on a beach, the cognitive powers are held to be in on michael jordan, free play; and it is when this play is harmonious that there is the experience of pure beauty.

There is also objectivity and universality in the judgment then, according to Kant, since the cognitive powers are common to all who can judge that the individual objects are pebbles. These powers function alike whether they come to such a definite judgment or are left suspended in free play, as when appreciating the pattern along the shoreline. This was not the good for hamlet, basis on which the apprehension of pure beauty was obligatory, however. 3 Page? According to Kant, that derived from the good thesis for hamlet, selflessness of such an apprehension, what was called in the eighteenth century its “disinterest.” This arises because pure beauty does not gratify us sensuously; nor does it induce any desire to possess the object. It “pleases,” certainly, but in a distinctive intellectual way. Pure beauty, in other words, simply holds our mind’s attention: we have no further concern than contemplating the object itself.

Perceiving the object in such cases is an end in itself; it is not a means to a further end, and is enjoyed for its own sake alone. It is because Morality requires we rise above ourselves that such an exercise in selfless attention becomes obligatory. Judgments of pure beauty, being selfless, initiate one into the moral point of view. “Beauty is a symbol of Morality,” and “The enjoyment of nature is the engineering thesis, mark of a good soul” are key sayings of Kant. The shared enjoyment of for hamlet a sunset or a beach shows there is harmony between us all, and the world. Among these ideas, the notion of “disinterest” has had much the widest currency.

Indeed, Kant took it from eighteenth century theorists before him, such as the moral philosopher, Lord Shaftesbury, and science thesis it has attracted much attention since: recently by the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, for instance. Clearly, in this context “disinterested” does not mean “uninterested,” and paradoxically it is closest to what we now call our “interests,” that is, such things as hobbies, travel, and sport, as we shall see below. But in earlier centuries, one’s “interest” was what was to one’s advantage, that is, it was “self-interest,” and so it was the negation of that which closely related aesthetics to ethics. The eighteenth century was a surprisingly peaceful time, but this turned out to be the for hamlet, lull before the storm, since out of its orderly classicism there developed a wild romanticism in art and literature, and essays even revolution in good thesis for hamlet, politics. The aesthetic concept which came to be more appreciated in this period was associated with this, namely sublimity, which Edmund Burke theorized about in his “A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful.” The sublime was connected more with pain than pure pleasure, according to Burke, since threats to self-preservation were involved, as on the high seas, and transition lonely moors, with the good, devilish humans and dramatic passions that artists and writers were about to portray. But in these circumstances, of course, it is opinion, still “delightful horror,” as Burke appreciated, since one is insulated by the fictionality of the work in question from any real danger.

“Sublime” and “beautiful” are only two amongst the many terms which may be used to good thesis, describe our aesthetic experiences. Clearly there are “ridiculous” and “ugly,” for a start, as well. The Tortilla Curtain Essay? But the more discriminating will have no difficulty also finding something maybe “fine,” or “lovely” rather than “awful” or “hideous,” and “exquisite” or “superb” rather than “gross” or “foul.” Frank Sibley wrote a notable series of articles, starting in good thesis, 1959, defending a view of aesthetic concepts as a whole. He said that they were not rule- or condition-governed, but required a heightened form of theory essays perception, which one might call taste, sensitivity, or judgment. His full analysis, however, contained another aspect, since he was not only concerned with the sorts of concepts mentioned above, but also with a set of others which had a rather different character. For one can describe works of art, often enough, in terms which relate primarily to the emotional and mental life of good thesis for hamlet human beings. One can call them “joyful,” “melancholy,” “serene,” “witty,” “vulgar,” and “humble,” for instance. These are evidently not purely aesthetic terms, because of their further uses, but they are still very relevant to many aesthetic experiences. Sibley’s claim about the tortilla essay, these concepts was that there were no sufficient conditions for their application. For many concepts—sometimes called “closed” concepts, as a result—both necessary and sufficient conditions for their application can be given. To be a bachelor, for instance, it is good thesis, necessary to be male and unmarried, though of marriageable age, and opinion together these three conditions are sufficient.

For other concepts, however, the so-called “open” ones, no such definitions can be given— although for good thesis, aesthetic concepts Sibley pointed out there were still some necessary conditions, since certain facts can rule out the theory, application of, for example, “garish,” “gaudy,” or “flamboyant.” The question therefore arises: how do we make aesthetic judgments if not by checking sufficient conditions? Sibley’s account was that, when the concepts were not purely perceptual they were mostly metaphoric. Thus, we call artworks “dynamic,” or “sad,” as before, by comparison with the behaviors of good thesis humans with those qualities. Other theorists, such as Rudolph Arnheim and Roger Scruton, have held similar views. Scruton, in fact, discriminated eight types of theory essays aesthetic concept, and good thesis we shall look at some of the curtain, others below. We have noted Kant’s views about the objectivity and universality of judgments of pure beauty, and there are several ways that these notions have been further defended. There is a famous curve, for instance, obtained by for hamlet, the nineteenth century psychologist Wilhelm Wundt, which shows how human arousal is quite generally related to ethical theory essays, complexity of good for hamlet stimulus. Are Some For Essays? We are bored by the simple, become sated, even over-anxious, by the increasingly complex, while in between there is good thesis, a region of essays greatest pleasure. The dimension of complexity is only one objective measure of worth which has been proposed in this way. Thus it is now known, for instance, that judgments of facial beauty in humans are a matter of averageness and symmetry.

Traditionally, unity was taken to be central, notably by good thesis, Aristotle in connection with Drama, and when added to complexity it formed a general account of opinion aesthetic value. Thus Francis Hutcheson, in the eighteenth century, asserted that “Uniformity in variety always makes an for hamlet, object beautiful.” Monroe Beardsley, more recently, has introduced a third criterion—intensity—to produce his three “General Canons” of objective worth. He also detailed some “Special Canons.” Beardsley called the objective criteria within styles of Art “Special Canons.” These were not a matter of something being good of its kind and so involving perfection of a concept in the sense of Kant. They involved defeasible “good-making” and “bad-making” features, more in the manner Hume explained in what are some words for essays, his major essay in this area, “Of the good thesis, Standard of Taste” (1757). List Words? To say a work of art had a positive quality like humor, for instance, was to for hamlet, praise it to some degree, but this could be offset by other qualities which made the work not good as a whole. What Words For Essays? Beardsley defended all of his canons in a much more detailed way than his eighteenth century predecessor however: through a lengthy, fine-grained, historical analysis of what critics have actually appealed to in the evaluation of artworks.

Also, he explicitly made the disclaimer that his canons were the only criteria of value, by separating these “objective reasons” from what he called “affective” and “genetic” reasons. For Hamlet? These two other sorts of reasons were to opinion, do with audience response, and good for hamlet the originating artist and curtain essay his times, respectively, and either “The Affective Fallacy” or “The Intentional Fallacy,” he maintained, was involved if these were considered. The discrimination enabled Beardsley to focus on the artwork and its representational relations, if any, to objects in the public world. Against Beardsley, over thesis for hamlet many years, Joseph Margolis maintained a “Robust Relativism.” Thus he wanted to say that “aptness,” “partiality,” and “non-cognitivism” characterize art appreciation, rather than “truth,” “universality,” and “knowledge.” He defended this with respect to aesthetic concepts, critical judgments of value, and literary interpretations in particular, saying, more generally, that works of art were “culturally emergent entities” not directly accessible, because of this, to any faculty resembling sense perception. The main debate over ethical aesthetic value, indeed, concerns social and political matters, and for hamlet the seemingly inevitable partiality of different points of theory view. The central question concerns whether there is good thesis for hamlet, a privileged class, namely those with aesthetic interests, or whether their set of interests has no distinguished place, since, from curtain essay a sociological perspective, that taste is just one amongst all other tastes in the democratic economy.

The sociologist Arnold Hauser preferred a non-relativistic point of view, and was prepared to give a ranking of tastes. Good? High art beat popular art, Hauser said, because of two things: the significance of its content, and words the more creative nature of its forms. Roger Taylor, by contrast, set out very fully the “leveller’s” point of view, declaring that Aida and The Sound of Music have equal value for their respective audiences. He defended this with a thorough philosophical analysis, rejecting the idea that there is such a thing as truth corresponding to an external reality, with the people capable of accessing that truth having some special value. Instead, according to Taylor, there are just different conceptual schemes, in which truth is measured merely by coherence internal to the scheme itself. Thesis For Hamlet? Janet Wolff looked at this debate more disinterestedly, in internet, particular studying the details of the opposition between Kant and Bourdieu. Jerome Stolnitz, in the middle of the last century, was a Kantian, and promoted the need for a disinterested, objective attitude to art objects.

It is debatable, as we saw before, whether this represents Kant’s total view of art, but the disinterested treatment of art objects which Stolnitz recommended was very commonly pursued in his period. Edward Bullough, writing in 1912, would have called “disinterested attention” a “distanced” attitude, but he used this latter term to generate a much fuller and more detailed appreciation of the good thesis, whole spectrum of attitudes which might be taken to artworks. The spectrum stretched from people who “over-distance” to engineering thesis, people who “under-distance.” People who over-distance are, for instance, critics who merely look at the technicalities and craftwork of good thesis a production, missing any emotional involvement with what it is about. Bullough contrasted this attitude with what he called “under-distancing,” where one might get too gripped by the content. The country yokel who jumps upon the stage to save the theory, heroine, and the jealous husband who sees himself as Othello smothering his wife, are missing the fact that the play is an illusion, a fiction, just make-believe. Bullough thought there was, instead, an ideal mid-point between his two extremes, thereby solving his “antinomy of distance” by good thesis for hamlet, deciding there should be the least possible distance without its disappearance. George Dickie later argued against both “disinterest” and “distance” in a famous 1964 paper, “The Myth of the internet essay, Aesthetic Attitude.” He argued that we should be able to for hamlet, enjoy all objects of awareness, whether “pure aesthetic” or moral. In fact, he thought the term “aesthetic” could be used in all cases, rejecting the internet, idea that there was some authorized way of thesis using the essay, word just to apply to surface or formal features— the artwork as a thing in itself. As a result, Dickie concluded that the aesthetic attitude, when properly understood, reduced to just close attention to whatever holds one’s mind in good, an artwork, against the tradition which believed it had a certain psychological quality, or else involved attention just to certain objects.

Art is not the only object to draw interest of this pleasurable kind: hobbies and travel are further examples, and sport yet another, as was mentioned briefly above. In particular, the broadening of the list words, aesthetic tradition in recent years has led theorists to give more attention to sport. David Best, for instance, writing on sport and its likeness to art, highlighted how close sport is to the purely aesthetic. But he wanted to limit sport to this, and insisted it had no relevance to ethics. Good? Best saw art forms as distinguished expressly by their having the capacity to comment on life situations, and hence bring in moral considerations. List Words End Essay? No sport had this further capacity, he thought, although the enjoyment of many sports may undoubtedly be aesthetic. But many art forms—perhaps more clearly called “craft-forms” as a result— also do not comment on life situations overmuch, for example, decor, abstract painting, and non-narrative ballet.

And there are many sports which are pre-eminently seen in moral, “character-building” terms, for example, mountaineering, and the various combat sports (like boxing and wrestling). Perhaps the resolution comes through noting the division Best himself provides within sport-forms, between, on the one hand, “task” or “non-purposive” sports like gymnastics, diving, and thesis for hamlet synchronized swimming, which are the 3 page on michael, ones he claims are aesthetic, and on thesis for hamlet the other hand the “achievement,” or “purposive’ sports, like those combat sports above. Task sports have less “art” in them, since they are not as creative as the purposive ones. The traditional form of art criticism was biographical and sociological, taking into account the conceptions of the artist and the history of the traditions within which the artist worked. But in the twentieth century a different, more scientific and ahistorical form of ethical theory literary criticism grew up in the United States and Britain: The New Criticism. Like the thesis, Russian Formalists and French Structuralists in science thesis, the same period, the New Critics regarded what could be gleaned from the work of art alone as relevant to its assessment, but their specific position received a much-discussed philosophical defense by William Wimsatt and Monroe Beardsley in 1946.

Beardsley saw the position as an extension of “The Aesthetic Point of View”; Wimsatt was a practical critic personally engaged in the new line of thesis for hamlet approach. In their essay “The Intentional Fallacy,” Wimsatt and Beardsley claimed “the design or intention of the artist is neither available nor desirable as a standard for judging the words, success of thesis for hamlet a work of literary art.” It was not always available, since it was often difficult to obtain, but, in any case, it was not appropriately available, according to them, unless there was evidence for what are some words for essays, it internal to good for hamlet, the finished work of art. Wimsatt and Beardsley allowed such forms of evidence for a writer’s intentions, but would allow nothing external to transition, the given text. This debate over intention in the literary arts has raged with full force into more recent times. A contemporary of Wimsatt and Beardsley, E.D. Hirsch, has continued to maintain his “intentionalist” point of view. Against him, Steven Knapp and Walter Benn Michaels have taken up an ahistorical position. Frank Cioffi, one of the original writers who wrote a forceful reply to Wimsatt and Beardsley, aligned himself with neither camp, believing different cases were “best read” sometimes just as, sometimes other than as, the artist knowingly intended them. One reason he rejected intention, at times, was because he believed the artist might be unconscious of the good thesis, full significance of the essays, artwork. A similar debate arises in good, other art forms besides Literature, for instance Architecture, Theater, and essays Music, although it has caused less professional comment in these arts, occurring more at the practical level in terms of argument between “purists” and “modernizers.” Purists want to maintain a historical orientation to good thesis for hamlet, these art forms, while modernizers want to make things more available for contemporary use. The debate also has a more practical aspect in connection with the visual arts.

For it arises in curtain, the question of what devalues fakes and good for hamlet forgeries, and by contrast puts a special value on originality. 3 Page On Michael Jordan? There have been several notable frauds perpetrated by forgers of artworks and their associates. The question is: if the good thesis, surface appearance is much the same, what especial value is there in the first object? Nelson Goodman was inclined to list transition, think that one can always locate a sufficient difference by looking closely at the visual appearance. But even if one cannot, there remain the different histories of the good, original and the copy, and also the different intentions behind them. The relevance of such intentions in visual art has entered very prominently into philosophical discussion. Arthur Danto, in his 1964 discussion of “The Artworld,” was concerned with the question of how the atmosphere of theory can alter how we see artworks. This situation has arisen in fact with respect to two notable paintings which look the same, as Timothy Binkley has explained, namely Leonardo’s original “Mona Lisa” and Duchamp’s joke about it, called “L.H.O.O.Q. Internet Opinion? Shaved.” The two works look ostensibly the same, but Duchamp, one needs to know, had also produced a third work, “L.H.O.O.Q.,” which was a reproduction of the Mona Lisa, with some graffiti on it: a goatee and moustache. He was alluding in that work to the possibility that the sitter for the Mona Lisa might have been a young male, given the stories about Leonardo’s homosexuality. With the graffiti removed the good for hamlet, otherwise visually similar works are still different, since Duchamp’s title, and essays the history of its production, alters what we think about his piece.

Up to good, the “de-definition” period, definitions of art fell broadly into three types, relating to representation, expression, and form. The dominance of representation as a central concept in art lasted from before Plato’s time to around the end of the eighteenth century. Of course, representational art is still to be found to this day, but it is no longer pre-eminent in list transition words end essay, the way it once was. Plato first formulated the thesis for hamlet, idea by saying that art is mimesis, and, for instance, Bateaux in the eighteenth century followed him, when saying: “Poetry exists only by imitation. It is the the tortilla essay, same thing with painting, dance and music; nothing is real in their works, everything is imagined, painted, copied, artificial. It is good thesis, what makes their essential character as opposed to ethical theory, nature.” In the thesis for hamlet, same century and the following one, with the advent of Romanticism, the concept of expression became more prominent. Even around Plato’s time, his pupil Aristotle preferred an expression theory: art as catharsis of the emotions. And Burke, Hutcheson, and Hume also promoted the idea that what was crucial in art were audience responses: pleasure in Art was a matter of list transition words taste and sentiment.

But the full flowering of the theory of Expression, in the twentieth century, has shown that this is only one side of the picture. In the taxonomy of art terms Scruton provided, Response theories concentrate on thesis for hamlet affective qualities such as “moving,” “exciting,” “nauseous,” “tedious,” and so forth. But theories of engineering science thesis art may be called “expression theories” even though they focus on the embodied, emotional, and thesis for hamlet mental qualities discussed before, like “joyful,” “melancholy,” “humble,” “vulgar,” and are some for essays “intelligent.” As we shall see below, when recent studies of expression are covered in thesis for hamlet, more detail, it has been writers like John Hospers and list transition end essay O.K. Bouwsma who have preferred such theories. For Hamlet? But there are other types of theory which might, even more appropriately, be called “expression theories.” What an artist is personally expressing is the focus of self-expression theories of art, but more universal themes are often expressed by internet opinion essay, individuals, and art-historical theories see the artist as merely the for hamlet, channel for broader social concerns. R. G. Collingwood in the 1930s took art to be a matter of self-expression: “By creating for ourselves an imaginary experience or activity, we express our emotions; and the tortilla this is what we call art.” And the noteworthy feature of Marx’s theory of art, in thesis for hamlet, the nineteenth century, and those of the many different Marxists who followed him into the twentieth century, was that they were expression theories in the “art-Historical” sense.

The arts were taken, by people of engineering science thesis this persuasion, to be part of the superstructure of thesis for hamlet society, whose forms were determined by the economic base, and so art came to list words, be seen as expressing, or “reflecting” those material conditions. Social theories of art, however, need not be based on materialism. One of the major social theorists of the late nineteenth century was the thesis, novelist Leo Tolstoy, who had a more spiritual point of the tortilla view. He said: “Art is a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously, by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through, and that others are infected by these feelings and also experience them.” Coming into the twentieth century, the main focus shifted towards abstraction and the appreciation of thesis form. The aesthetic, and the arts and list end essay crafts movements, in the latter part of the nineteenth century drew people towards the appropriate qualities. The central concepts in aesthetics are here the pure aesthetic ones mentioned before, like “graceful,” “elegant,” “exquisite,” “glorious,” and good thesis “nice.” But formalist qualities, such as organization, unity, and engineering science harmony, as well as variety and complexity, are closely related, as are technical judgments like “well-made,” “skilful,” and “professionally written.” The latter might be separated out good as the focus of Craft theories of art, as in the idea of art as “Techne” in ancient Greece, but Formalist theories commonly focus on all of these qualities, and “aesthetes” generally find them all of central concern. List Transition End Essay? Eduard Hanslick was a major late nineteenth century musical formalist; the good, Russian Formalists in the early years of the jordan, revolution, and the French Structuralists later, promoted the same interest in Literature. Clive Bell and Roger Fry, members of the influential Bloomsbury Group in the first decades of the twentieth century, were the most noted early promoters of this aspect of Visual art. Bell’s famous “Aesthetic Hypothesis” was: “What quality is shared by all objects that provoke our aesthetic emotions?

Only one answer seems possible— significant form. Thesis? In each, lines and colors combined in a particular way; certain forms and relations of forms, stir our aesthetic emotions. These relations and combinations of lines and colors, these aesthetically moving forms, I call ‘Significant Form’; and ‘Significant Form’ is the one quality common to essay on michael jordan, all works of visual art.” Clement Greenberg, in the years of the thesis, Abstract Expressionists, from the 1940s to engineering science thesis, the 1970s, also defended a version of this Formalism. Abstraction was a major drive in early twentieth century art, but the later decades largely abandoned the idea of good any tight definition of art. The “de-definition” of art was formulated in academic philosophy by what are some transition for essays, Morris Weitz, who derived his views from some work of Wittgenstein on good thesis for hamlet the notion of games. Wittgenstein claimed that there is nothing which all games have in internet, common, and so the historical development of them has come about through an analogical process of generation, from paradigmatic examples merely by thesis, way of “family resemblances.”

There are, however, ways of providing a kind of definition of art which respects its open texture. The Institutional definition of art, formulated by George Dickie, is in this class: “a work of art is an ethical essays, artefact which has had conferred upon it the status of candidate for appreciation by the artworld.” This leaves the content of art open, since it is left up to museum directors, festival organizers, and so forth, to decide what is presented. Also, as we saw before, Dickie left the good thesis, notion of “appreciation” open, since he allowed that all aspects of a work of art could be attended to aesthetically. But the notion of “artefact,” too, in essay, this definition is not as restricted as it might seem, since anything brought into good, an art space as a candidate for appreciation becomes thereby “artefactualized,” according to Dickie— and so he allowed as art what are otherwise called (natural) Found Objects, and (previously manufactured) Readymades. Less emphasis on power brokers was found in Monroe Beardsley’s slightly earlier aesthetic definition of art: “an artwork is something produced with the intention of giving it the capacity to satisfy the aesthetic interest”— where “production” and “aesthetic” have their normal, restricted content. Science? But this suggests that these two contemporary definitions, like the others, merely reflect the historical way that art developed in the associated period. Certainly traditional objective aesthetic standards, in the earlier twentieth century, have largely given way to free choices in all manner of things by the mandarins of the public art world more recently. Response theories of art were particularly popular during the Logical Positivist period in philosophy, that is, around the 1920s and 1930s.

Science was then contrasted sharply with Poetry, for instance, the former being supposedly concerned with our rational mind, the latter with our irrational emotions. Good Thesis For Hamlet? Thus the noted English critic I. A. Richards tested responses to poems scientifically in an attempt to judge their value, and unsurprisingly found no uniformity. Out of this kind of study comes the what words for essays, common idea that “art is all subjective”: if one concentrates on whether people do or do not like a particular work of art then, naturally, there can easily seem to be no reason to good thesis for hamlet, it. We are now more used to thinking that the emotions are rational, partly because we now distinguish the internet opinion, cause of an emotion from its target. If one looks at what emotions are caused by an artwork, not all of these need target the artwork itself, but instead what is merely associated with it. So what the subjective approach centrally overlooks are questions to do with attention, relevance, and understanding. With those as controlling features we get a basis for normalizing the good, expected audience’s emotions in engineering, connection with the artwork, and so move away from purely personal judgments such as “Well, it saddened me” to more universal assessments like “it was sad.” And with the “it” more focused on the artwork we also start to see the significance of the objective emotional features it metaphorically possesses, which were what Embodiment theorists like Hospers settled on as central. Hospers, following Bouwsma, claimed that the thesis, sadness of some music, for instance, concerns not what is evoked in us, nor any feeling experienced by the composer, but simply its physiognomic similarity to humans when sad: “it will be slow not tripping; it will be low not tinkling. People who are sad move more slowly, and when they speak they speak softly and ethical low.” This was also a point of good thesis view developed at length by the gestalt psychologist Rudolph Arnheim.

The discriminations do not stop there, however. Guy Sircello, against Hospers, pointed out first that there are two ways emotions may be embodied in artworks: because of their form (which is theory, what Hospers chiefly had in mind), and because of their content. Thus, a picture may be sad not because of thesis for hamlet its mood or color, but because its subject matter or topic is pathetic or miserable. Internet Opinion? That point was only a prelude, however, to an even more radical criticism of Embodiment theories by Sircello. For emotion words can also be applied, he said, on account of the “artistic acts” performed by the artists in presenting their attitude to good thesis, their subject. If we look upon an artwork from this perspective, we are seeing it as a “symptom” in Suzanne Langer’s terms; however, Langer believed one should see it as a “symbol” holding some meaning which can be communicated to essay, others.

Communication theorists all combine the three elements above, namely the audience, the artwork, and the artist, but they come in good for hamlet, a variety of stamps. Words For Essays? Thus, while Clive Bell and good thesis Roger Fry were Formalists, they were also Communication Theorists. They supposed that an artwork transmitted “aesthetic emotion” from the artist to the audience on account of its “significant form.” Leo Tolstoi was also a communication theorist but of almost the opposite sort. What had to be transmitted, for Tolstoi, was expressly what was excluded by internet essay, Bell and good thesis (to a lesser extent) Fry, namely the “emotions of life.” Tolstoi wanted art to serve a moral purpose: helping to bind communities together in are some words for essays, their fellowship and common humanity under God. Good Thesis? Bell and Fry saw no such social purpose in art, and related to are some transition for essays, this difference were their opposing views regarding the value of aesthetic properties and pleasure. These were anathema to Tolstoi, who, like Plato, thought they led to waste; but the “exalted” feelings coming from the appreciation of good for hamlet pure form were celebrated by Bell and Fry, since their “metaphysical hypothesis” claimed it put one in touch with “ultimate reality.” Bell said, “What is that which is left when we have stripped a thing of all sensations, of all its significance as a means?

What but that which philosophers used to call ‘the thing in itself’ and now call ‘ultimate reality’.” This debate between moralists and 3 page aesthetes continues to this day with, for instance, Noel Carroll supporting a “Moderate Moralism” while Anderson and Dean support “Moderate Autonomism.” Autonomism wants aesthetic value to be isolated from ethical value, whereas Moralism sees them as more intimately related. Communication theorists generally compare art to a form of Language. For Hamlet? Langer was less interested than the above theorists in legislating what may be communicated, and was instead concerned to discriminate different art languages, and the differences between art languages generally and verbal languages. She said, in brief, that art conveyed emotions of various kinds, while verbal language conveyed thoughts, which was a point made by Tolstoy too. List Transition End Essay? But Langer spelled out the matter in thesis, far finer detail. 3 Page? Thus, she held that art languages were “presentational” forms of good thesis expression, while verbal languages were “discursive”— with Poetry, an art form using verbal language, combining both aspects, of the tortilla curtain course.

Somewhat like Hospers and Bouwsma, Langer said that art forms presented feelings because they were “morphologically similar” to them: an artwork, she held, shared the same form as the feeling it symbolizes. This gave rise to thesis for hamlet, the main differences between presentational and discursive modes of communication: verbal languages had a vocabulary, a syntax, determinate meanings, and the possibility of engineering translation, but none of these were guaranteed for art languages, according to Langer. Art languages revealed “what it is like” to experience something— they created “virtual experiences.” The detailed ways in which this arises with different art forms Langer explained in her 1953 book Feeling and Form. Good? Scruton followed Langer in several ways, notably by remarking that the experience of each art form is theory, sui generis, that is, “each of its own kind.” He also spelled out the characteristics of for hamlet a symbol in even more detail.

Discussions of questions specific to each art form have been pursued by many other writers; see, for instance, Dickie, Sclafani, and internet essay Roblin, and the recent book by Gordon Graham. Like the concept of Expression, the concept of thesis Representation has been very thoroughly examined since the list, professionalization of Philosophy in the twentieth century. Isn’t representation just a matter of copying? If representation could be understood simply in terms of copying, that would require “the innocent eye,” that is, one which did not incorporate any interpretation. E. H. Gombrich was the first to good thesis for hamlet, point out that modes of representation are, by contrast, conventional, and therefore have a cultural, socio-historical base. Thus perspective, which one might view as merely mechanical, is only a recent way of representing space, and ethical many photographs distort what we take to be reality— for instance, those from the ground of thesis tall buildings, which seem to make them incline inwards at the top. Goodman, too, recognized that depiction was conventional; he likened it to denotation, that is, the relation between a word and what it stands for. He also gave a more conclusive argument against copying being the engineering thesis, basis of representation. For that would make resemblance a type of representation, whereas if a resembles b, then b resembles a— yet a dog does not represent its picture. In other words, Goodman is saying that resemblance implies a symmetric relationship, but representation does not. As a result, Goodman made the point that representation is not a craft but an art: we create pictures of things, achieving a view of those things by representing them as this or as that.

As a result, while one sees the objects depicted, the artist’s thoughts about those objects may also be discerned, as with Sircello’s “artistic arts.” The plain idea that just objects are represented in good for hamlet, a picture was behind Richard Wollheim’s account of representational art in the first edition of his book Art and Its Objects (1968). There, the paint in list words, a picture was said to be “seen as” an object. But in thesis for hamlet, the book’s second edition, Wollheim augmented this account to what transition, allow for what is also “seen in” the work, which includes such things as the thoughts of the artist. There are philosophical questions of another kind, however, with respect to the representation of objects, because of the problematic nature of fictions. Thesis For Hamlet? There are three broad categories of object which might be represented: individuals which exist, like Napoleon; types of thing which exist, like kangaroos; and things which do not exist, like Mr. Pickwick, and unicorns. Goodman’s account of representation easily allowed for the first two categories, since, if depictions are like names, the first two categories of painting compare, respectively, with the relations between the proper name “Napoleon” and the person Napoleon, and the common name “kangaroo” and essay the various kangaroos. Some philosophers would think that the third category was as easily accommodated, but Goodman, being an Empiricist (and so concerned with the extensional world), was only prepared to countenance existent objects. So for him pictures of fictions did not denote or represent anything; instead, they were just patterns of various sorts. Pictures of unicorns were just shapes, for Goodman, which meant that he saw the description “picture of a unicorn” as unarticulated into parts.

What he preferred to call a “unicorn-picture” was merely a design with certain named shapes within it. One needs to allow there are “intensional” objects as well as extensional ones before one can construe “picture of a unicorn’ as parallel to “picture of a kangaroo.” By contrast with Goodman, Scruton is good, one philosopher more happy with this kind of construal. Essay? It is a construal generally more congenial to Idealists, and to Realists of various persuasions, than to Empiricists. The contrast between Empiricists and other types of philosopher also bears on other central matters to good for hamlet, do with fictions. Is a fictional story a lie about this world, or a truth about some other? Only if one believes there are other worlds, in some kind of way, will one be able to see much beyond untruths in ethical theory essays, stories. A Realist will settle for there being “fictional characters,” often enough, about which we know there are some determinate truths— wasn’t Mr. Pickwick fat?

But one difficulty then is good thesis, knowing things about Mr. Pickwick other than what Dickens tells us— was Mr. Pickwick fond of grapes, for instance? An Idealist will be more prepared to consider fictions as just creatures of our imaginations. This style of analysis has been particularly prominent recently, with Scruton essaying a general theory of the imagination in which statements like “Mr. Pickwick was fat” are entertained in an “unasserted” fashion. One problem with this style of analysis is explaining how we can have emotional relations with, and responses to, fictional entities.

We noticed this kind of problem before, in are some transition words, Burke’s description “delightful horror”: how can audiences get pleasure from tragedies and horror stories when, if those same events were encountered in real life, they would surely be anything but pleasurable? On the other hand, unless we believe that fictions are real, how can we, for instance, be moved by the fate of Anna Karenina? Colin Radford, in 1975, wrote a celebrated paper on good thesis for hamlet this matter which concluded that the “paradox of emotional response to fiction” was unsolvable: adult emotional responses to fictions were “brute facts,” but they were still incoherent and irrational, he said. Transition? Radford defended this conclusion in a series of further papers in what became an extensive debate. Kendall Walton, in his 1990 book Mimesis and Make-Believe, pursued at length an Idealist’s answer to Radford. At a play, for for hamlet, instance, Walton said the audience enters into a form of pretence with the actors, not believing, but making believe that the portrayed events and emotions are real. What kind of thing is a work of art? Goodman, Wollheim, Wolterstorff, and Margolis have been notable contributors to the contemporary debate.

We must first distinguish the artwork from its notation or “recipe,” and essays from its various physical realizations. Examples would be: some music, its score, and thesis its performances; a drama, its script, and its performances; an etching, its plate, and its prints; and a photograph, its negative, and its positives. The notations here are “digital” in the first two cases, and “analogue” in the second two, since they involve discrete elements like notes and the tortilla words in the one case, and good for hamlet continuous elements like lines and color patches in the other. Realizations can also be divided into two broad types, as these same examples illustrate: there are those that arise in time (performance works) and those that arise in space (object works). Realizations are always physical entities. Sometimes there is only one realization, as with architect-designed houses, couturier-designed dresses, and many paintings, and Wollheim concluded that in these cases the artwork is entirely physical, consisting of that one, unique realization. However, a number a copies were commonly made of paintings in the middle ages, and it is list words end essay, theoretically possible to replicate even expensive clothing and houses. Philosophical questions in good thesis, this area arise mainly with respect to the ontological status of the idea which gets executed.

Wollheim brought in Charles Peirce’s distinction between types and engineering thesis tokens, as an answer to good thesis for hamlet, this: the number of different tokens of letters (7), and different types of letter (5), in the string “ABACDEC,” indicates the difference. Realizations are tokens, but ideas are types, that is, categories of objects. There is theory, a normative connection between them as Margolis and Nicholas Wolterstorff have explained, since the good for hamlet, execution of ideas is an essentially social enterprise. That also explains how the need for a notation arises: one which would link not only the idea with its execution, but also the essay, various functionaries. Good? Broadly, there are the creative persons who generate the the tortilla, ideas, which are transmitted by means of a recipe to manufacturers who generate the material objects and performances. “Types are created, particulars are made” it has been said, but the link is through the for hamlet, recipe. Schematically, two main figures are associated with the essay jordan, production of thesis for hamlet many artworks: the theory essays, architect and the builder, the couturier and good thesis for hamlet the dressmaker, the composer and essays the performer, the choreographer and the dancer, the script-writer and the actor, and so forth. But a much fuller list of operatives is usually involved, as is very evident with the production of films, and other similar large entertainments. Sometimes the director of a film is concerned to control all its aspects, when we get the notion of an “auteur” who can be said to for hamlet, be the author of the internet opinion, work, but normally, creativity and craft thread through the thesis for hamlet, whole production process, since even those designated “originators” still work within certain traditions, and no recipe can limit entirely the end product.

The associated philosophical question concerns the nature of any creativity. There is not much mystery about the making of particulars from some recipe, but much more needs to be said about the process of 3 page essay jordan originating some new idea. For creation is not just a matter of getting into an excited mental state— as in good thesis, a “brainstorming” session, for internet opinion, instance. That is a central part of the “creative process theory,” a form of which is to be found in the work of Collingwood. Thesis? It was in these terms that Collingwood distinguished the artist from the craftsperson, namely with reference to engineering science thesis, what the thesis, artist was capable of generating just in engineering science, his or her mind. But the major difficulty with this kind of theory is for hamlet, that any novelty has to be judged externally in terms of the artist’s social place amongst other workers in the field, as Jack Glickman has shown. Certainly, if it is to be an curtain essay, original idea, the good for hamlet, artist cannot know beforehand what the curtain, outcome of the creative process will be.

But others might have had the same idea before, and if the outcome was known already, then the idea thought up was not original in the appropriate sense. Thus the artist will not be credited with ownership in good, such cases. Essay On Michael Jordan? Creation is not a process, but a public achievement: it is a matter of breaking the good, tape ahead of others in a certain race.

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Muddy Waters Investment Competition. At Muddy Waters, our mission is to foster transparency no matter how unpopular it might be. Good. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our analytical research into often-opaque and hard-to-value companies. The Economist is a publication firmly established as one of the world’s most authoritative and influential publications. Editorial independence with a commitment to engineering science thesis the facts lies at the heart of the The Economist. With this spirit in thesis for hamlet, mind, we partnered with The Economist for this MBA Investment Case Study: Investment Challenge. Engineering Thesis. Each school in the competition picked three of their best students to complete the case study. Each team produced a thorough report as well as a 15-minute video explaining their analysis that was posted to The Economists’ Which MBA? site. Thesis. The presentations were recorded live so the pressure was on. My colleagues and I at Muddy Waters are the are some transition words case competition judges and selected the three winners. Thesis. The People’s Choice prize was awarded to the team that received the most votes from jordan visitors to The Economist website.

First place team received $10,000. Second place received $5,000. Third place received $3,000. People’s Choice received $3,000. The challenge involves evaluating Zillow’s $3.5 billion acquisition of rival real estate website, Trulia in for hamlet, a stock-only transaction. More specifically, we are looking for you to answer these key questions about the deal. • Which company is getting the engineering better deal and why? • Does the structure of the deal make sense for each company? • What will the futures likely be for each company on a standalone basis if the transaction fails to close? • Based on the companies’ present combined market valuations, what assumptions about good thesis, their future would you have to make in order to buy stock in transition words end essay, the combined company?

• What trades, if any, would you recommend around this transaction and why? The more in-depth and unconventional the thesis for hamlet answers, the better. Wall Street analysts and the media have already pored over this deal and engineering thesis, issued their opinions. We’re looking for something deeper. Please Check the Economist ‘s Which MBA website?

Site for frequent updates. Good. Good Luck! * Update 10/16/2014- Please note the description of the case was updated to indicate this was not a cash only transaction rather a stock only ethical theory essays transaction. While the thesis for hamlet transcript of the video contains the are some transition for essays description all cash that is an error. The video has been updated accordingly. In evaluating the pending Zillow-Trulia merger, our discounted cash flow model reveals that Zillow is currently overvalued in the market, while Trulia is undervalued. Valuing the combined firm, we see that the thesis synergies exceed the premium to Trulia shareholders.

For these reasons, Zillow emerges as the science winner in this deal. Read more Carson Block is director of research and founding partner of Muddy Waters Research LLC. Muddy Waters is good thesis for hamlet, a due diligence-based investment and research firm that conducts extensive accounting and on-the-ground investigations of public companies. Muddy Waters gained notoriety following its research on Sino-Forest Corp., a China-based forestry company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Shortly after Muddy Waters’ issued its report in June 2011, Sino-Forest lost nearly $6 billion in market capitalization, its auditor resigned and regulators halted its shares. The company filed for bankruptcy and in June 2012, the list transition Ontario Securities Commission filed formal fraud charges against Sino-Forest and its senior management for overstating its timber assets and misleading investigators. Good. In total, Muddy Waters has issued eight “strong sell” recommendations resulting more than $8 billion of the tortilla, downward market cap adjustments, four de-listings and six or more regulatory investigations. Mr. Good Thesis For Hamlet. Block appears frequently as a commentator on Bloomberg Television, CNBC and the BBC.

He wrote an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal in 2012 that advocated for greater oversight of Chinese affiliates of U.S. accounting firms that were auditing companies listed on Western exchanges. Prior to forming Muddy Waters, Mr. Block was an internet essay entrepreneur in China and worked as a lawyer in the Shanghai office of the U.S. law firm Jones Day. In 2007, he co-authored Doing Business in China for Dummies, a primer on for hamlet, doing business in what are some, China. In 2011, Bloomberg Markets Magazine named Mr. Block to its list of the “50 Most Influential” people in global finance.

In 2012, he won a Boldness in Business Award from ArcelorMittal and thesis for hamlet, the Financial Times for “Best Newcomer.” He holds a B.S. in business from the University of transition words end essay, Southern California and a J.D. from the Chicago-Kent College of thesis, Law, where he has also served as an words for essays adjunct professor. The Economist welcomes your views. Please stay on thesis, topic and be respectful of other readers. The Tortilla Essay. Review our comments policy. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to your account. Don't have an account? Register.

Very interesting to see the thesis for hamlet different presentation approaches. pame stoixima. Research and big data analysis will be a really important in technology growth, many start up co. Transition End Essay. can make all complexity to very simple thing like Berita Tinju who one of the best boxing news and Cara Mengecilkan Perut. I think it was one of opportunity to young generation to be innovators, I hope this case study competition or business incubator did more and more, I also hope this program can did in Asia to Cara mengecilkan perut success for Muddy waters. Good evening. In the spirit of the competition you wanted to see an for hamlet iconoclastic approach to are some transition for essays the Case study, using provocative strategies to make your case for your customers. Wagner College proposed an aggressive Bullish short put position for good for hamlet investors with an appetite for risk, with a limited downside, even if they did not like the deal or the companies. The Wagner Strategy delivered almost $1,000,000 of paper profits, can you explain which other Colleges came close to this result and how much it was counted when making your decision. All the presentations had investment views and were polished but isn't the whole idea to provide potential money making strategies.

Dr Donald L. Crooks. Very interesting to see the different presentation approaches. Have to agree that BYU's seemed the most polished and coherent. I'm a VP in science thesis, one of the good thesis largest property management firms in the US, and the national head of business development and marketing. I've secured somewhere around $1billion in 3rd party assets under our management. We are a private firm with 14 offices in ten states, soon to be seventeen in twelve states.

I use Zillow and Trulia dozens of list transition words, times a day. Good For Hamlet. I read hours a day in are some words for essays, trends and directions, and I am coming from a position of experience when commenting. I've reviewed now about half of the submissions. The BYU submission I believe is most on target with the probable outcome. Good Thesis For Hamlet. More importantly, it pointed towards other real estate tech ventures that are up and the tortilla, coming, versus simply stating that the merger will not work out. In other words, it placed the merger not just in terms of internal company performances, but the for hamlet broader market in which those companies operate. Ball State's paper also reached a good conclusion, though lacked the larger market insight. I don't want to specifically knock any submissions from other schools. Engineering. Suffice it to good thesis say, those who are optimistic do not appear to grasp the deeper market complexities. The BYU study rightly cited regional MLS's pulling out from Zillow and Trulia.

I can name many more MLS's that have done the same. This merger will not create synergy, it will weigh both beleaguered companies down. Instead of 2+2=5, or even 2+2=4, it will be 2+2=3, or even 2. If I had stock in words end essay, Zillow, I would sell and invest elsewhere in the real estate technology field. ** Some insight into the broader market *** Zillow was useful (and still is) because of how it used the data from MLS's and other sites that those sites did not properly harness themselves. Their additional focus on the Rental side a few years back was excellent, as the rental industry for single family residences is growing fast and was undeserved on all fronts in terms of data availability. In the last couple of years however, we have seen two major trends. 1) Local and Regional MLS expansion: This cannot be underestimated. This was lead by major MLS's such as Their forward thinking private and public faces and one stop shop for rentals and sales dominate the Houston market on all things real estate.

Recently, HAR announced and began rolling out their services across the entire state of Texas. Thesis For Hamlet. I expect that within a few years they will aim for transition end essay expansion to Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other southern states if they can create the right agreements with the good for hamlet MLS's in essay, those states. While they do share information with Zillow and Trulia, I do not foresee this lasting for long. Other MLS's are following suit, and we are seeing once localized MLS's without public faces growing into or combining with sites similar to HAR. This cuts into the uniqueness of Zillow/Trulia. To top it off, these MLS's have large syndication platforms, pushing listings to good thesis for hamlet sometimes over 100 different websites, of which Zillow is just one (and not an effective one at that). In other words, Zillow finds itself in the middle of a red ocean, versus a blue ocean. 2) Pricing via Back-End software: Companies such as AppFolio and YARDI that deliver the software driving large amounts of the property management industry and similar software offered via the the tortilla curtain larger MLS's and available privately, gather actual final rental and good for hamlet, sales prices versus the marketed amounts. They gather it in larger quantities, even from off-market real estate. These software providers are growing fast, and MLS's are partnering with them more and more as value-added services for their agents.

The public angle of internet, Zillow as a way of providing the good thesis non-agent public with previously difficult to obtain from the source information is fading. Science. The public more and more is being better served elsewhere as MLS's and other software and websites step up. Good For Hamlet. The agent appeal of useful tools has been poorly implemented and now supplanted by engineering science thesis, the MLS's and industry software, services they already pay for. You cannot really invest in an MLS. What you can invest in are the companies creating the software fueling their growth, and the software solutions for the rental and sales industry in general.

Tools that make their job easier, tools that integrate with an good for hamlet MLS or a management platform, etc. This was longer than anticipated. As you can tell, I am passionate about understanding and tracking the dynamics of thesis, my industry. There are several other factors contributing to why I believe the Zillow/Trulia ship has sailed, including their mismanagement and decline in forward thinking, but I believe this sums up the critical points. With the case competition drawing to good for hamlet a close, I wanted to take a moment to respond to a number of your remarks.

As a starting point, your accomplishments are impressive, your passion is evident, and I think you provide tremendously valuable insight from the standpoint of the real estate professional. While my team viewed the case through a finance and strategy lens, we sought feedback from thesis individuals in thesis for hamlet, a number of science thesis, organizations across the country. Unfortunately, given the steep learning curve and time constraints, we were limited in our ability to good thesis for hamlet conduct primary research. That notwithstanding, there were two common threads we encountered: 1) By way of listings aggregation and estimates, Zillow generates perceived value for potential home buyers/sellers; however, their practices create a variety of very real headaches for realtors. 2) The acquisition of Trulia is thesis, not considered a trivial matter; real estate professionals are/have been keeping close tabs on the merger. I am not a fan of the manner in for hamlet, which either Zillow or Trulia count unique users because the tallies are based on devices used to access content vs. individuals, which leads to double and triple counting. Additionally, estimates based on historical sales prices rather than current market conditions, recent property upgrades, and the like leads to unrealistic buy and/or sell side expectations. I also question the prospects of companies that buy growth--both Zillow and internet opinion, Trulia have made a number of acquisitions in recent years, and revenue has been tracking SGA on an almost one-to-one basis. Geographic fragmentation ensures the relevance of thesis for hamlet, local service providers, which cannot be understated, and I agree that companies such as YARDI have access to what for essays the information likely to be considered the most valuable. However, Zillow and Trulia lie outside the conduct constraints of real estate professionals and competing sites like

Additionally, while it does not ensure usage growth, the popularity of thesis for hamlet, Zillow and essay, Trulia with the general public is a strong indicator of continued relevance. To the extent that real estate professionals represent a significant portion of Zillow's and Trulia's revenue stream and the fact many of these paying customers seem less than enthusiastic about the bang they get for their buck, I would agree with your assessment of the future of the combined companies. However, as long as potential buyers and sellers continue to find their way to the site(s), those who want their business (agents, lenders, etc.) will be compelled to sign on or stay on as paying subscribers. I both agree and good for hamlet, disagree with the statements regarding the likelihood of achieving synergy. I played a role in the integration aspects of three acquisitions at my previous employer, and I have observed the outcomes of a number of other MAs. In my experience, they frequently fail to thesis deliver the level of good, benefits that were promised or anticipated. Furthermore, initial statements concerning the end-state fail to synch with logic or reality and transition end essay, exist to prevent internal panic. Good Thesis. That said, cost reductions are achievable. I cannot see how labor optimization will fail to what transition words occur or that two separate web presences for similar service offerings will be maintained for any substantial length of time post-merger. Finally, considering a significant portion of SGA is tied to marketing expenditures, a combined Zillow/Trulia should be able to achieve substantial cost reductions through competitive advertising cuts.

As expected, the good for hamlet fervor and associated spike in stock prices that occurred at the time of the internet opinion announcement in July has subsided, and prices have stabilized in recent months. Thesis For Hamlet. Furthermore, the price of theory essays, Trulia stock continues to track Zillow, which leads us to the conclusion that the market is optimistic. Although it has not been able to do so every year, Zillow has reported positive net income since its IPO, and we anticipate the merger has significant potential to facilitate profitability. Only time will tell who is correct. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the many benefits this competition has facilitated, including the opportunity to interact with you.

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14 People Were Asked: What Does Life Mean To You? Their Answers May Surprise You. #8220;The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and obvious and for hamlet so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in the tortilla curtain a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.#8221; Alan Watts. The meaning of life is a burning question that has inspired some of the greatest literature/art, fueled heated debates between atheists and good spiritualists, and prompted existential philosophers to wax poetic on what the human experience really means (or doesn#8217;t mean).

But#8230; what does life really mean? It is easy to find insightful opinions on this query from influential authors, teachers, sages, mystics, and scientists with a quick Google search but, what about from our peers, or people we wouldn#8217;t necessarily think to ask? As an experiment, I decided to ask this question to a diverse group of friends, artists, creators, and strangers alike and the results were really incredible. #8220;What does life mean to me? Life is love, love is thesis immunity. Good For Hamlet. Life the 3 page on michael, beginning of ends to start again. Life is the grounding and understanding of your purpose in the moment. Life is the death of the old. Life is courage to good thesis for hamlet let go and freedom to move on.

Life is the balance of jordan, energy in vessels of flesh and bones. Life is the infinite spectrum of vibrations and motivations. Life is respect for all life forms. Life: User discretion is advised. Life is neither either or. Life is currently undergoing metamorphosis. Life is intending the future and good thesis living the moment. Engineering Science. Life is love.

Love is the flow. Go with the flow. Love is the undercurrent permeating consciousness. Life is the inexplicable moments and catching glimpses into the unknown. Fear is the antithesis of life. Life is tireless and evermore. For Hamlet. Fear is wayword, life is forward. Life is the infinite maze of unravelling of truth.

Life is opinion essay knowing your power and using it wisely. To use it wisely is to use it for the greater good of the universe. Life is for hamlet knowing the longer I stay, the more trouble I have adjusting, but realizing it all begins at the end of my comfort zone. Essay. Like the universe, I am beautiful, complex, harmonious, conflicting. I am a part of this universe and the universe is thesis chaotic and constantly evolving. Dare to the tortilla essay be. Believe in yourself, believe in good thesis others. Believe in your mission. You must remain open to receive.

Life’s mission is clear: make bonds, claim time, right wrongs, leave fear and love through to come through.#8221; Nas Cilia. #8220;Life, to curtain essay me, is the quest for perfect balance. the balance between spontaneity planning, so that things are fresh enough to avoid monotony, yet stable enough to good for hamlet lead to action. the list, balance between finding the good in the bad attending to the bad when everything is good, so that one never becomes too caught up in the sadness or too distracted by life#8217;s fleeting delights. the balance of doing things for you doing things for other people, so that one may be devoted to themselves the part of themselves that resides in every person in the universe. the balance of believing, loving, supporting people, while committing to surrounding yourself with higher vibrations, understanding that attitudes vibrations are contagious. the balance of good thesis, respecting the transition, multiverse of good for hamlet, opinions, while speaking your own truth, so that people may, hopefully, come to see the beauty that is the spectrum of human experience in this life. life, to me, is about living the most positive experience possible, uplifting as many lives as possible, questing for knowledge a higher understanding of the various truths experienced in this world, avoiding complacency at all costs.#8221; Alyssa Rochelle, Student, Santa Monica, CA. #8220;i believe in one rule and theory one rule only #8216;do whatever you want in thesis life, absolutely anything that feels right to you and evokes your own true happiness; as long as it has no negative effect on another soul.#8217; i believe in connectivity and the concept that #8216;we are united#8217;; and we are. we are one big conscious entity operating in unison; humans, creatures and internet planets alike. i affect all that happens in thesis for hamlet the universe, as you affect all direction and reaction also. i believe in more than human. i believe i can learn more from the trees than i can from human words on paper made from them. i believe in more than what the eye can see and words for essays more than the science will temporarily find proof of; for what i can see may not necessarily be what you can see right now. i believe in thesis for hamlet reaching your goals in your own time. i believe there is no point in list words competing for or stressing about what you most want of your time in this name and form; it#8217;s never too late to make a go at it. most importantly, i believe in good thesis the silent magic the moments not fit for words that feeling of content pure ecstasy; whatever may evoke it. we are privileged not by end essay, situation or class but by the mere idea that we have all been created from good complete nothingness. we developed senses; birthed into essay on michael jordan, the opportunity to feel and be more than what we have collectively been conditioned into believing of ourselves. i believe in living past the borders of potential. i believe in the power of positive progression individual for collective.#8221; Rico Garilli, Acoustic Musician, UK. #8220;Life, to me, is an amazing opportunity. We all play a part in our individual and for hamlet collective evolution. We are given a body to opinion essay house our souls and how we choose to use it is good for hamlet up to science us. Personally, I feel I am on good thesis, a constant journey of self improvement because everything starts from within. As humans, we were not designed to be perfect; it#8217;s a learning process. But we leave our mark on everyone we meet and are some transition words for essays it#8217;s up to good us to decide what that will be; everything we project has an impact. One small act of kindness could spark a chain reaction of positivity and I think connecting with people is one of the most valuable things we can do. I want to meet people with a similar mindset, people who disagree completely, and everyone in between.

I want to learn as much as I can and use it in a way to essay bring people happiness. We#8217;re all interconnected at the deepest of levels and thesis I think our growth comes from learning from each other, we need to treat each other with kindness and compassion and we need to listen. I feel that we are here to play our part in the growth of the earth and its inhabitants, it#8217;s our collective responsibility to transition words for essays work towards an good thesis for hamlet increasingly conscious and compassionate world. It all sounds very serious but it#8217;s not! I just think we need to take care of ourselves and each other, we need to find our happiness and theory share it.#8221; Emma Summer, Model, UK. #8220;Life means loving your body, your mind, nurturing your soul, creating with your community, your planet, and understanding your universe.#8221; Katy Walker, Things Are Changing Productions/Time is Art, Brookyn, NY. #8220;The meaning of life to me is a little bit different than most people, I have the ability to connect with spirit as a psychic medium.

The meaning of life for me is to good thesis for hamlet face all these battles and lessons in order to help heal other people but I don#8217;t find that to essay be the reason other people are here. I know the only reason I am on this earth is to connect people with their#8230; loved ones and teach reiki. Good Thesis For Hamlet. In the internet opinion, meaning for them I think everybody is on their own beautiful journey of their soul#8217;s growth sharing their little bits of thesis, their soul that could help make this world better. On Michael. I think the meaning of life is to stop trying to find the meaning of life and just live the most positive amazing beautiful life that you can and always make sure to help others. I think it#8217;s to evolve your soul enough to see clear, that we create our own destiny with a little help from our higher sources and to have faith. #8221; Alex March, Tattooer/Psychic Medium/Reiki Practioner, NJ. #8220;Life is about connections and experience: learning from each and every person we come into contact with and thesis giving others a new piece of insight from ethical our own experiences resulting with positive encouragement to evolve and ascend.#8221; Jennifer Crimmins, brand ambassador/community manager Tarte Cosmetics, Pt. Pleasant, NJ. #8220;Try to be the best version of yourself. Help other people try to be the best versions of themselves. Look at bugs doing their thing.

Wrestle some dogs. Give someone a present when its not their birthday. Improvise a song about the person in thesis for hamlet the car next to you. Take pictures of your poop. Learn to laugh at your own misfortune. Be a sponge. Pay attention! There are a million things going on at any given moment and our senses limit us to only being aware of a very small fraction of engineering thesis, those things. You should cherish every experience and good for hamlet observation because this whole #8220;you-being-alive-right-now#8221; thing doesn#8217;t last for very long.#8221; Richie Brown, artist/animator/alien, Toms River, NJ. Theory. #8220;The meaning of for hamlet, life is an endless question. It#8217;s something that can be unique to every, single human being. Science. And so every lifetime is an opportunity for a person to reinvent who they want to be in the world and how they want to impact every being around them.

The meaning of good thesis, life is there is no meaning, so you get to create it.#8221; Jesani Drew, Love and Empowerment Coach/Motivational Speaker, Brooklyn, NY. #8220;I would just like to begin by saying that to speculate about the meaning of life is both an interesting and beautiful pursuit. However, the nature of life is much like the nature of that which created it: the great mystery or Wakantanka as the Lakota people describe it. For a person to internet say that they are certain of the answer to this question would be foolish to say the least, not to mention a bit of an admission of arrogant ignorance. I doubt I will ever really know the meaning of life. Perhaps in death I will receive that information. For Hamlet. I have come closer to death than I wish I had or would ever want to ethical theory again and don#8217;t think it brought me any closer to good understanding life#8217;s meaning. What I can share are a few humble insights I have had on the way. First, I believe the purpose of all life is simply to science thesis live, otherwise I suppose there would be no life. Therefore, if you are a squirrel be a squirrel: Eat nuts, climb trees, etc.

If you are a human, be a human. Many transcendentalists say to avoid sensory experiences and good thesis #8220;transcend#8221; humanity. The way I see it, we are humans, if we weren#8217;t meant to essay be humans we wouldn#8217;t be human. It seems pretty obvious that the thesis for hamlet, key to humanity is the same as the natural world: balance. Alright now, what is the meaning of human life? What to do? How to live?

It is scientific law that neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed. Matter and energy interact and exchange in a kind of thesis, dance perpetually transferring and transforming. The way I see it, there is only one tangible thing that is completely created where there wasn#8217;t something before and that is thesis for hamlet you and your life. I do not mean the physical person you are. I mean the personality you are, the people/places/things you touch and the way the what transition words, world changes as a result of your presence is thesis actual palpable genesis. Words For Essays. Therefore, in thesis for hamlet my ever so humble opinion, there must be some meaning to science thesis that, so create something amazing! Before I get too long winded I#8217;ll wrap this up by sharing what a colorful and insightful medicine man once told me.

He said people were always asking him advice about for hamlet their lives. #8220;What should I do?#8221; #8220;What is it I really want?#8221; #8220;What is the secret?#8221; The list went on and on. He said that his answer to them was always the same. He said that when it all boils down, #8220;everybody just wants TO#8230;BE#8230;HAPPY! So#8230;I am happy. #8221; It hit me like a load of bricks because it rang true. Why do you want love?

Love makes you feel happy. Why do you want money? Money provides comfort, entertainment, etc., and essay these things make us happy. You can see that the list also goes on and on forever and at the end of all these roads we really just want to feel satisfied with a smile on good for hamlet, our faces. He insinuated that happiness is really a choice and he chooses happiness. There you go.

These things may not be the the tortilla curtain essay, meaning of life but they bring a lot of meaning to MY LIFE!#8221; Ben DeVoe, artist/fabricator, Brooklyn, NY. #8220;Life to me is about doing the things that make you happy. People spend their whole lives searching for happiness and when they find it they never want to let it go. It can be spending time with a person or a group of people, it can be a specific activity. What makes me happy is thesis for hamlet playing Basketball. I let that go last year and opinion I had one of the thesis, worst years of essay, my#8230; young life. When you let go of what makes you happy you don#8217;t feel like yourself. When you are truly happy you feel like you belong and there is no better feeling than that. The best feeling in life is being truly happy.

When you#8217;re happy all the little things that bother you don#8217;t matter. All that matters is that moment and feeling right there. Some people go their whole life searching for the feeling so when you find it, don#8217;t ever let it go.#8221; Arick Sodini, Student, Manalapan, NJ. #8220;Life, for me, has always been beautiful and simple. It is being childlike and for hamlet always searching for new truths. It is setting your heart free, so love can pour out. It is allowing your mind to break the chains of ignorance. Change is the are some words for essays, only constantspiritual, mental, emotional growth is necessary to live a life of fulfillment, love, happiness here on earth.#8221; Kait Moorefield, Student, Freehold, NJ. #8220;My meaning of life is centered around experience. I like the idea of going in the cold without a jacket, in order to understand the cold.

Some call it Tantric, because you absorbed positive and negative aspects as a means to have a firm understanding. Although, these experiences only shape you and your story, and give you a basis to understand. Good. Our journey in life is to seek balance and enlightenment, whichever path takes you there is up to you. Some of us prefer the ethical essays, road less traveled. There are many doors to the universe, and love is the key to unlocking them.

We come into this earth as pure souls, but our environment and social development shapes us into the adults we are fated to good thesis become. The underlying theme is understanding karma, while connecting to the path toward your destiny. Destiny is written, and fate is malleable. Life is beautiful, and it#8217;s the story that gives it definition.#8221; Billy O#8217;Brien, co-founder of, Asbury Park, NJ. And, finally… here#8217;s my take on life#8217;s meaning#8230; #8220;We incarnate on this planet with a sort of curriculum of learning, where life puts us through tests, trials, and tribulations in order to deconstruct our ego to reconstruct our heart. The paradox about this is that we are born exactly how we are supposed to are some transition be, but life tricks us into good for hamlet, thinking we are to #8220;become#8221; something.

The reality is, is science that there is no #8220;becoming,#8221; there is only an unbecoming to reconnect with the heart we are born with in the first place. The key to appreciating life, and understanding it#8217;s meaning, is to maintain a childlike enthusiasm during your curriculum, and to never lose faith in the satire of your story. Life is its own ouroboros of learning and unlearning, but maintaining passion, curiosity, and love for all that you experience during the cycle will help your heart stay light. Love, above all else, is the true destination of the journey#8230; love is why we are created, love is the source of for hamlet, creativity, and love is ultimately what we return to 3 page when our time here is up. So, with all of that being said, this is my take#8230; life is about letting your heart guide you as you live, learn, unlearn, stay light, let go, laugh through the darkness, and love every person/experience/moment as if they are an extension of yourself.#8221; Jennifer Sodini, Founder of, Asbury Park, NJ. Thesis For Hamlet. What does life mean to you? Let us know via the comment section below! Get Your In Depth Numerology Reading. Transition. Your life path number can tell you A LOT about you. With the ancient science of Numerology you can find out accurate and for hamlet revealing information just from your name and birth date. Get your free numerology reading and learn more about how you can use numerology in your life to find out more about your path and journey.

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essays edge Or, how buildings go BAD. Or, how buildings go BAD. Valparaiso, Chile: A Gritty Port City That’s Bustling and Livable. A photo essay on thesis for hamlet the waterfront neighborhoods there. A photo essay on the waterfront neighborhoods there. Christopher Alexander’s New Architecture Program Offers an Alternative to Style and Orthodoxy. Instead the legendary author looks to an educational model based on the creation of beauty. Instead the legendary author looks to transition words end essay, an educational model based on good for hamlet the creation of beauty. What the ethical essays People (and Planners) of Houston Can Learn From Hurricane Katrina. An an architect and for hamlet, planner reflects on collaboration, community and trust.

An an architect and engineering thesis, planner reflects on collaboration, community and trust. The Art of Architectural Storytelling, or How to Present a Building. There’s more to effective presentations than compelling visuals. There’s more to effective presentations than compelling visuals. Enduring Principles of Art That Also Apply to Architecture. On painting in good thesis for hamlet architecture, or why art matters. On painting in architecture, or why art matters. The Tools For Community Co-Design Are Thousands of Years Old.

Using timeless creative resources in innovative ways is the key to planning for the future. Using timeless creative resources in innovative ways is the list transition words end essay key to planning for the future. The Mental Disorders that Gave Us Modern Architecture. How Autism Spectrum Disorder and PTSD following World War I shaped 20th century architecture and design. How Autism Spectrum Disorder and good, PTSD following World War I shaped 20th century architecture and design. Architecture and the Illusive, Maddening and internet opinion essay, Thrilling Quest for Beauty. The quest for good this quality often gets lost in the wild scrum of design and construction. The quest for this quality often gets lost in essays the wild scrum of design and construction. Letter From Abuja: The Fading Sheen of Nigeria’s Capital City. Originally planned to replace Lagos, the good thesis new city now has many of the problems associated with the old one.

Originally planned to replace Lagos, the new city now has many of the problems associated with the old one. Swipe Left: How Technology Has Skewed Architectural Competitions. The digital revolution has transformed a studio experience into a form of transition words, online dating. The digital revolution has transformed a studio experience into a form of online dating. The Work of Architecture in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Some thoughts on Walter Benjamin, sprawl watching in the desert, and the primacy of the land. Some thoughts on for hamlet Walter Benjamin, sprawl watching in the desert, and the primacy of the land.

Why Climate Change Planning Will Be Cultural as Well as Physical. The O’eswachaka Bridge and the power of opinion essay, cultural traditions. The O’eswachaka Bridge and the power of cultural traditions. The Confused and for hamlet, Impoverished State of Architectural Research. Why can’t the profession develop a more rigorous approach?

Why can’t the profession develop a more rigorous approach? My Favorite Street: Rue Saint-Denis, Paris. A practical and poetic guide to the tortilla curtain, the city’s oldest and perhaps greatest street. A practical and good thesis, poetic guide to the city’s oldest and perhaps greatest street. The Crowds at the Taj Mahal are as Exciting as the Building. I had visited India many times, and somehow had never seen it. Internet Opinion! Of course I had seen it in books, and studied the images and plans, but nothing prepares you for thesis the real thing. I had visited India many times, and somehow had never seen it. Of course I had seen it in books, and studied the images and plans, but nothing prepares you for the real thing. Why Dragging Architectural Styles into Partisan Territory is list transition words end essay, a Bad Idea. Style has neither an inherent morality or political agenda.

Style has neither an thesis for hamlet, inherent morality or political agenda. Does the New Traditionalism Have A Point? Whether the architectural academy likes it or not, there’s a growing interest in classical and traditional forms. Whether the engineering architectural academy likes it or not, there’s a growing interest in good thesis classical and traditional forms. Requiem for a Thoroughly Nondescript Block on list end essay the Upper East Side. Some thoughts on the impending demolition of some beloved neighborhood landmarks.

Some thoughts on the impending demolition of thesis for hamlet, some beloved neighborhood landmarks. What We Can (and Can’t) Learn from Copenhagen. The Danish capital offers lessons for American cities, but they’re not all about design. The Danish capital offers lessons for American cities, but they’re not all about design. Why Mixed-Income Communities Are Essential for the Future of African Cities. The current model of essay, economic and physical separation is not socially sustainable.

The current model of good for hamlet, economic and physical separation is not socially sustainable. What’s Happened to Architectural Record’s Record Houses issue? Gorgeous projects, for sure, but aesthetically diverse? Not so much. Gorgeous projects, for sure, but aesthetically diverse? Not so much. Thinking About Climate Change or, What Keeps Me Up at Night? Some thoughts on essay the design, planning, and political challenges ahead.

Some thoughts on the design, planning, and political challenges ahead. How Photography Profoundly Reshaped Our Ideas About Cities. The medium’s influence on urban life was nearly as impactful as the automobile. The medium’s influence on thesis for hamlet urban life was nearly as impactful as the automobile. Great Teachers of Architecture and Design Teach the end essay Art of Looking. Remembering the thesis legendary Harvard professor Eduard Sekler. Remembering the legendary Harvard professor Eduard Sekler.

Tale of Two Cities: Unravelling the Brutal Backstory Behind Africa’s Emerging Megacities. These huge new developments are being preceded by a ruthless campaign of forced evictions. These huge new developments are being preceded by a ruthless campaign of essay, forced evictions. It’s a Book. Good! It’s a Building. 3 Page Essay! It’s a Behavioral Intervention! Notre-Dame is thesis, persuasive architecture because of the stories told about it. Notre-Dame is persuasive architecture because of the jordan stories told about it. Building Madness: How the Boom and Bust Mentality Distorts Architecture. The profession surfs blindly on the money available to fund it.

The profession surfs blindly on the money available to fund it. Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the Politics of Public Space in Paris. The campaign to transform the City of Lights into a pedestrian paradise. The campaign to transform the City of Lights into a pedestrian paradise. Why Can’t We Create Brand New Walkable Communities? New books by Philip Langdon and Richard Florida underscore the changes taking place in our cities. New books by Philip Langdon and Richard Florida underscore the changes taking place in our cities.

It is an intense combination of hyper-density, chaos, and human ingenuity. It is an intense combination of hyper-density, chaos, and human ingenuity. Understanding the thesis for hamlet Science and Psychology Behind Buildings. For architecture, knowledge is engineering thesis, good, but storytelling is even better. For architecture, knowledge is good, but storytelling is good thesis, even better. The future of the profession may have a lot less to do with buildings. The future of the profession may have a lot less to do with buildings. On its 100th anniversary, Duchamp’s Fountain is still raising provocative questions. In our age of gender fluidity, the famous readymade couldn’t be more timely. In our age of gender fluidity, the essay famous readymade couldn’t be more timely. The Myths (and Truths) About Out of Town Experts.

Planners, architects and designers – whether local or out of thesis for hamlet, town – need to ethical, engage the community first before offering up solutions. Planners, architects and designers – whether local or out of good for hamlet, town – need to engage the community first before offering up solutions. What Jane Jacobs and the Founders of the High Line Have in Common. The new documentary reminds us about the the tortilla curtain essay importance of local input and activism. The new documentary reminds us about the importance of local input and activism. Confessions of good thesis for hamlet, a New AIA Fellow, or “Getting the “F” The architect’s twelve-year journey from “outsider” to “insider.” The architect’s twelve-year journey from “outsider” to words, “insider.” It’s Time for Design Education to Put Social Equity at the Core of Its Mission.

The profession already has a precedent – sustainable design – for thesis making wholesale changes to its approach. Fighting inequality should be next. The profession already has a precedent – sustainable design – for making wholesale changes to essay, its approach. Fighting inequality should be next. Calling for an Architecture That Connects Us to Our Bodies. Nikos Salingaros on the state of architecture, the need for a new set of tools, and thesis, a radically different approach to design education. Nikos Salingaros on the state of architecture, the need for a new set of curtain, tools, and for hamlet, a radically different approach to design education. Kings, Despots, Dictators, Cities and the End of History. Why are democracies so incapable today of creating great urban places?

Why are democracies so incapable today of creating great urban places? Separating Architecture From the Building Arts Produces Soulless Structures. As architects turn over much of the theory construction responsibility to consultants and their software programs, something vital and human is being lost. As architects turn over much of the construction responsibility to consultants and their software programs, something vital and human is thesis for hamlet, being lost. Let’s Put Narrative Back into Architecture.

Overt stories disappeared during the list modern era, stripping buildings of the good thesis for hamlet social glue that bound them to their public. Overt stories disappeared during the thesis modern era, stripping buildings of the social glue that bound them to their public. A Handy Flowchart to Make Your Way Through the Political Maze. Confused about to how to engage your elected officials? Here’s an extremely useful guide. Confused about to how to engage your elected officials? Here’s an extremely useful guide. Confessions of a Former Design Magazine Editor.

10 Reasons Why the Project Piece remains an enduring part of architecture and design culture. 10 Reasons Why the Project Piece remains an enduring part of thesis for hamlet, architecture and design culture. What We’re Feeling and Thinking, When We Say: ”Beautiful!” The aesthetics experience: how biology and psychology shape our perceptions. The aesthetics experience: how biology and psychology shape our perceptions. The Uneasy Relationship Between Architects and what transition words for essays, Money. Some thoughts on why architects are so underpaid. Some thoughts on why architects are so underpaid. It’s Time for a New Definition of Architectural Beauty.

Elusive and good, subjective, it doesn’t encompass enough other important virtues. Elusive and subjective, it doesn’t encompass enough other important virtues. How Design Saved My Sanity on Trump’s Inauguration. Attending a Design as Protest Event in New Orleans proves to be the perfect tonic for a dark day. Attending a Design as Protest Event in New Orleans proves to essays, be the perfect tonic for a dark day. How the thesis Restoration of Louis Kahn’s Yale Art Gallery Helped Kickstart Modern Preservation. Lloyd DesBrisay talks with James Stewart Polshek about a seminal project. Lloyd DesBrisay talks with James Stewart Polshek about science a seminal project. If they don’t – to the general public – then here’s how they could. If they don’t – to the general public – then here’s how they could.

Remaining Hopeful When Stormclouds Gather: A Primer on Post-Election Design Activism. Some strategies on moving forward in good an uneasy age. Some strategies on moving forward in the tortilla curtain an uneasy age. When Did “Context” Become a Dirty Word in Architecture? Playing well with your architectural neighbors was once an honorable tradition. Playing well with your architectural neighbors was once an honorable tradition. Is Architecture as Fractured as Our Politics? Despite signs of an emerging pluralism, there is good, still a clearly defined separation between the Blue Academic Elite and Red Building Architects. Despite signs of an ethical, emerging pluralism, there is still a clearly defined separation between the Blue Academic Elite and Red Building Architects. Never Built New York: Grand Architectural Visions, Dashed Dreams, and Good, Old-Fashioned Hubris. A new book looks at some of Gotham’s most daring and, in some cases, insane unbuilt projects.

A new book looks at some of for hamlet, Gotham’s most daring and, in some cases, insane unbuilt projects. Looking at 432 Park Avenue, while jogging around the reservoir in Central Park. Looking at internet opinion 432 Park Avenue, while jogging around the reservoir in Central Park. New Orleans’ Music Box Village Magically Blends Architecture and Sound. A wildly creative team of designers, artists and good thesis, fabricators create a fantastic series of engineering, “playable” installations. A wildly creative team of designers, artists and fabricators create a fantastic series of “playable” installations. Learning from good Stockholm’s Eco-City of the Future. It’s a model for both sustainable development and internet essay, urbane living.

It’s a model for both sustainable development and urbane living. Whatever Happened to good, “The Architects’ Architect”? The definition of this once-revered term has shifted to the tortilla, something a lot less about buildings. The definition of this once-revered term has shifted to something a lot less about buildings. Life During Trump: Progress on Climate Change Will Come From the Bottom Up. Regardless of last week’s election, the good growth of what are some transition for essays, sustainable building will continue to accelerate.

Regardless of last week’s election, the growth of thesis, sustainable building will continue to accelerate. George Lucas Takes a Play Out of the engineering thesis NFL Owners Playbook. Pitting one city against another is an thesis, effective way of getting what you need from the powers that be. Pitting one city against another is an effective way of theory, getting what you need from the powers that be. The BIM Moment: What We’re Losing in the Robot-Age of Architecture. For most architects today, Building Information Modeling is the elephant in the room. For most architects today, Building Information Modeling is the elephant in the room. Landscape Architecture Can Help Save the World. In praise of a profession uniquely qualified to tackle the problems of thesis, our time. In praise of a profession uniquely qualified to tackle the problems of our time.

How an Architect “Reads” a Building (Non-Architects Edition) A how-to for people who want to theory, talk and look at buildings like architects. A how-to for good people who want to thesis, talk and look at buildings like architects. The Woman in the Room: Getting a F-ing Word in Edgewise. Speaking up in the roomful of male architects is not easy. Speaking up in the roomful of male architects is not easy. The Ethics of thesis for hamlet, Rendering: Permissible Lies When Anything is Possible. As architectural images become more real, their content becomes more fictional. As architectural images become more real, their content becomes more fictional.

Contemplating the Unthinkable: A World Without Venice. I recently read a terrific book with the terse, almost accusatory, title If Venice Dies. The book, by Salvatore Settis, is not about climate change, though my thoughts turned repeatedly to that topic and the difficulty we have even contemplating its likely consequences. I recently read a terrific book with the terse, almost accusatory, title If Venice Dies. Are Some Transition! The book, by Salvatore Settis, is not about climate change, though my thoughts turned repeatedly to that topic and the difficulty we have even contemplating its likely consequences. Swimming in the Driving Lane: Sao Paulo Takes Over an Urban Highway. At night and on Sundays and good, holidays, this Brazilian city turns a roaring overpass into transition end essay a people’s park. At night and on Sundays and holidays, this Brazilian city turns a roaring overpass into a people’s park. The Lessons of Indigenous Cultures Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change. Planners will have to begin redefine their methods of community engagement for the challenges ahead.

Planners will have to begin redefine their methods of community engagement for the challenges ahead. Confessions of good for hamlet, a Young Architect, Upon Taking the Licensing Exam. The terror that confronts every young newbie in the profession. The terror that confronts every young newbie in the profession. How Designing With All of Our Senses Creates a More Inclusive World.

Visually obsessed architects and designers need to include the full range of human sensibilities. Visually obsessed architects and designers need to include the engineering thesis full range of human sensibilities. Notes on New York, My Old Neighborhood, and the G-Word. Some observations about returning to Yorkville after five years away. Some observations about returning to Yorkville after five years away. Unspoken Communications: A How-To for Young Architects. Some career advice on the fine art of communicating with clients.

Some career advice on the fine art of good thesis, communicating with clients. Post Katrina: Why New Orleanians Overwhelmingly Choose Traditional Architecture. Tulane geographer Richard Campanella takes a deep look at post-storm architecture in the Crescent City. Tulane geographer Richard Campanella takes a deep look at post-storm architecture in what transition the Crescent City. Intersections: Lessons in Street Life in Music and Dance.

In New Orleans, spontaneous eruptions of spectacle and joy are a form of public theater. In New Orleans, spontaneous eruptions of spectacle and good thesis for hamlet, joy are a form of public theater. A Young Architect’s First Meeting with Irate Citizens. Community meetings: they’re the essay rite of passage every architect must endure. Community meetings: they’re the good thesis rite of passage every architect must endure. Modern Restoration and the Veneration of Its Hero Architects. This is theory, not renovation: it’s work of religious purification and fine arts conservation. This is not renovation: it’s work of religious purification and fine arts conservation. Hamburg Creates a Vibrant Neighborhood by Creating Spaces for People. A lively mixed use district that when completed will be home to 12,000 residents and almost 40,000 office workers.

A lively mixed use district that when completed will be home to good, 12,000 residents and curtain, almost 40,000 office workers. Mid-Century Modernism on $10 a Month. On a recent trip to Cuba, I made a point to visit some mid century modern homes that were not designed by architects, but by the people who live in them. On a recent trip to Cuba, I made a point to visit some mid century modern homes that were not designed by architects, but by the people who live in them. Drawing Should Still Matter to Architects and Designers. Despite its astounding efficiencies, the digital revolution has diminished what was once once an essential part of the good thesis creative process: the transition human hand. Despite its astounding efficiencies, the digital revolution has diminished what was once once an essential part of the good thesis creative process: the human hand.

The hipster capital of the world is essay jordan, a poster child for urban geeks everywhere–and for good reason. It’s an urban design success story. The hipster capital of the world is a poster child for good urban geeks everywhere–and for good reason. It’s an urban design success story. Calling For An End to Architecture’s Style Wars. “Architecture has a serious problem today in that people who are not alike don’t communicate,” Rem Koolhaas said, ‘I’m actually more interested in are some transition for essays communicating with people I disagree with than people I agree with.” “Architecture has a serious problem today in that people who are not alike don’t communicate,” Rem Koolhaas said, ‘I’m actually more interested in communicating with people I disagree with than people I agree with.” The Oak Trees in New Orleans Are As Grand As Any House in the Garden District.

A series of Ansel Adams-inspired photos of one of the Crescent City’s great natural resources. A series of good thesis, Ansel Adams-inspired photos of one of the Crescent City’s great natural resources. How Building a Bridge Taught Me About Being a Global Citizen. A public art project linking Red Hook, Brooklyn and Governors Island provides all kinds of thesis, important civic lessons. A public art project linking Red Hook, Brooklyn and Governors Island provides all kinds of important civic lessons.

Musings on the untimely passing of good thesis for hamlet, Zaha Hadid. Musings on the untimely passing of Zaha Hadid. Will a Modernized Cuba Lose Its Soul? A Letter from Havana on the unique DIY-required design culture there. A Letter from Havana on the unique DIY-required design culture there.