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The thesis centre camden st

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The thesis centre camden

The thesis centre camden st

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The thesis centre camden

Something’s Rank – Black Belts in Aikido. Yoshimitsu Yamada in Kauai Hawaii, 1966. What was Jigoro Kano thinking, anyway? The other day I was reading an camden st, interview with Yoshimitsu Yamada on how to write essay the Aikido Sansuikai website. This passage happened to catch my attention: Well, the ranking system in aikido is another headache.

I personally disagree with this system. A teaching certificate is okay, a black belt is okay. But after that, no numbers, no shodan, no nidan, etc. People know who is good and who is bad. The dan ranking system creates a competitive mind, because people judge others – “oh, he is camden, sixth dan, but he is scholarly essay, not good, this guy is much better…” Yamada has made similar statements before, I know, but it’s always interesting when the person responsible for handing out rank to a large number of people in several countries states publicly that he is himself opposed to the thesis centre camden st the ranking system. Donn Draeger – martial arts coordinator on the set of. the James Bond film You Only Live Twice (1967) – the first non-Japanese to enter Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu. Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu (?????????) is the scarborough newspapers, oldest organized martial tradition in Japan, dating from the thesis camden, 1447.

You may ask how Katori Shinto-ryu is relevant to Yoshimitsu Yamada’s interview, and here it is – no ranks. For over 400 years, there were no ranks or ranking systems, no black belts, in the traditional Japanese martial arts. Somehow, these arts survived, and even prospered. All that ended when Judo Founder Jigoro Kano adopted the essays on procrastination, Dan ranking system into the thesis centre camden Judo and promoted Shiro Saigo and on procrastination Tsunejiro Tomita to Shodan in 1883. This ranking system would rise to great popularity in the pre-war era, eventually becoming adopted by virtually all of the modern (and many of the not-so-modern) Japanese martial arts. Prior to that, for over 400 years, there were no ranks – no Black Belts in Japanese Budo. Until the modern introduction of the ranking system in 1883 (and almost 60 years later than that for the thesis centre camden st, Aikido) people got by with a “Menkyo” certificate system that showed a persons qualification in the Ryu. Morihei Ueshiba was a participant in such a system under Sokaku Takeda in Daito-ryu. Sokaku Takeda kept an “Eimeiroku” (???), in which each student’s study was recorded, along with a record of any licenses granted to that student. For example, the nursing, page on the right above shows the awarding of the Kyoju Dairi (Assistant Instructor) license to Morihei Ueshiba in the thesis centre camden, 1922.

The page on the left is from essays on procrastination, 1931 and records that Sokaku Takeda taught Morihei Ueshiba the 84 Goshin’yo No Te techniques for 20 days at Ueshiba’s home in Ushigome (now Wakamatsu-cho). Goshin’yo no Te (?????) was the centre st, highest level scroll awarded at the time that Morihei Ueshiba was training under Sokaku Takeda. Most of Morihei Ueshiba’s pre-war students (Minoru Mochizuki, Rinjiro Shirata, Kenji Tomiki, for example, among others) also received some version of these scrolls. Then – the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (??????) happened along. The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai was organized under the scarborough newspapers, authority of the Japanese Ministry of Education, and was tasked with standardizing and regulating the traditional Japanese martial arts. The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, for example, was responsible for the adoption of “Aikido” as the name for Morihei Ueshiba’s art. Along with the name change came the standard Kyu-Dan ranking system established by Jigoro Kano, already in use by many other martial arts in Japan.

Both the the thesis st, name change and the Kyu-Dan ranking system were implemented by Morihei Ueshiba at the behest of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in the early 1940’s. 1) This means that many of Aikido teachers instructing today are actually older than the so-called “traditional” ranking system as it is used in Aikido. 2) It also means that the “traditional” Kyu-Dan ranking system actually has no connection to traditional Japanese Budo – that it is professionalism, a modern convention. For his part, Ueshiba himself seems to have had a fairly cavalier attitude towards the modern ranking system. For example, here’s Yamada’s opinion on what O-Sensei thought about these things: Besides, I don’t think that O-Sensei agreed with that ranking system. To him the number doesn’t matter. Once when I was giving him a massage he said to me “Mr Yamada, what rank are you?” I answered: “I’m shodan,” and he replied: “So today I’m giving you sandan.” [laughs] Nobody believed that. I knew his personality and I didn’t take it seriously. I just answered “Thank you very much.” That is what happened.

Yamada’s not alone with this anecdote, I’ve heard the the thesis centre camden, same or similar anecdotes from scholarly essay, a number of people. Yasuo Kobayashi (right) at the old Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Another post-war student from the the thesis centre st, 1950’s, Yasuo Kobayashi, related some similar incidents that occurred around 1958: About this time there were the following incidents. Essay! People came from the countryside suddenly demanding an Aikido 10th dan license. This was because in the old days, when O-Sensei was teaching in the thesis centre camden st, the local areas, he would notice someone who, for just a moment, seemed to understand, and he’d say, “Oh, this guy’s got it. I’ll give him a 10th dan.”” It seemed he would easily say things like, “You’re great! Let’s make you a 9th dan,”” to people who took him at his word, even though they may bave been only paper a 3rd or 4th dan. The Thesis Camden! That was one face of scholarly essay, O-Sensei. He’d just say something like, “You’re a 9th dan or 10th dan,”” When I was younger, O-Sensei told me, too, many times, that I was a 9th or 10th dan.

The other uchideshi were also “promoted” to 9th or 10th dan many times. Mitsugi Saotome, another contemporary of both Yamada and Kobayashi, related a similar story to me, in the thesis centre camden st, which he was spontaneously “promoted” to eighth dan by O-Sensei after having had a particular moment of insight (he didn’t actually get promoted to eighth dan until much later, long after O-Sensei had passed away). When Jigoro Kano instituted the Kyu-Dan system of ranks he adopted a system that had been in use in Japanese Go since the 1600’s, when it was introduced by essays on procrastination, Dosaku Honinbo (?????). Jigoro Kano was an educator by trade, and was actually director of primary education for the Ministry of Education (???) for several years. He was also deeply committed to the modernization of Japan’s educational system, which was in the midst of a transition from the traditional system of Temple Education (Terakoya Kyoiku / ?????) to the modern Gakusei (??) system of education modeled on Western educational methods which was instituted starting in 1872. Temple Education in the Edo Period. Interestingly, Morihei Ueshiba, in camden st, something of a hang-over from the Edo Period, was sent to be educated at a Shingon Buddhist temple at the age of 7. So…why didn’t Jigoro Kano keep the traditional Menkyo system? 1) Depending upon the particular Ryu, the Menkyo system consists of any where from two to eight or so certificates, with years (sometimes many years) between certifications.

This is nursing, well suited for adults, who have long attention spans and are committed for a training span measured in years, but not so much so for children. 2) Under the traditional Menkyo systems there is no system of visibly recognizing a person’s achievements in the art – the “gold star” of the colored belt system that has been adopted into the thesis centre camden st modern ranking. Again, well suited for adults, who are (or should be) more interested in learning an art than advertising their prowess around their waist, but not so much for nursing professionalism essays, children. Especially not so much for children in a modern educational system, which is built upon a structure of grades, ranks and gold stars. And that was really the the thesis camden st, focus and research goal of Jigoro Kano – to bring Judo into the modern educational system as a complementary form of physical education. Even the “black belt”, introduced three years after the the thesis, Kyu-Dan system itself, may possibly have been adopted by Kano from a school system in essays on procrastination, which advanced swimming students were divided from centre camden, beginning students by black ribbons worn around their waists. Moshe Feldenkrais demonstrates Judo with Mikonosuke Kawaishi in write a thematic essay, Paris, 1938.

The system of centre camden st, colored junior belts (for example, white > yellow > green > blue > brown > black) wasn’t invented in Japan at all – it was introduced in newspapers, Europe in 1935 by centre camden, Mikonosuke Kawaishi, who was instrumental in spreading Judo to there and then later brought back to Japan. The color scheme made it easier for the students to re-dye the same belts. Again, it was a system that was introduced for…children, and it worked well…for children. (Note: Demetrio Cereijo notes that the colored belts may actually have been introduced in the London Budokwai by op art, Gunji Koizumi around 1927 and later popularized by Kawaishi) For adults and as adults, I think that most of the thesis centre camden st, us have some experience with the negative aspects of the ranking system. How To Write A Thematic Essay! Some of us have a lot of camden, experience with those negative aspects. The question then becomes – what do we, as adults, get from such a system, and is it worth the price we pay? If your answers are similar to mine, then the question may become – why don’t we just get rid of it, as Yamada himself suggested? Of course, most organizations encourage the existence of a ranking system. In organizational terms it makes sense – Aikido is write, no longer a single source art, it’s available pretty much anywhere, and if you don’t like one group then you can join another with relatively little trauma.

There’s really only one point of centre camden st, control these days that an organization, dojo or instructor has over their students, and research that is the dispensing of rank. Controlling who gets rank and when is the one and only control mechanism over the thesis, their students outside of the will of the nursing professionalism essays, students themselves. Someday it may be people will wake up to the fact that this entire mechanism is imaginary – it only works when those in the system permit themselves to centre camden buy into the premises made by the system itself. Also making sense in organizational terms are the how to a thematic essay, financial aspects. Most large organizations (and even many small ones) survive in some large part off of the testing and promotion fees proffered by their members, which can run into the thousands of the thesis st, dollars for essays, some promotions. When Jigoro Kano introduced the modern Kyu-Dan system he also opened the the thesis centre camden, door to research newspapers a potentially difficult to ignore income stream for both martial arts schools and the thesis centre camden st martial arts organizations. Which brings us right back to the first question – what do we get from such a system, and op art paper is it worth the price we pay? Personally speaking – twice I’ve made the the thesis camden st, decision to step out of the ranking system, and twice I ended up getting drawn back in, so I don’t really have any good answers.

Both times that I ended up getting drawn back in it was for on procrastination, the same reason – the the thesis centre camden st, sad fact of the matter is that most people in conventional Aikido treat you differently according to your rank. Nursing Essays! This despite the the thesis centre, fact that most people also talk about scholarly essay, how rank doesn’t really matter. Because I have some particular rank people may ask my opinion about the thesis camden st, Aikido – but the guy standing next to me with a third kyu just gets ignored. Never mind that the writing scholarly essay, third kyu can kick my butt all day long – what could anyone possibly learn from a white belt? I hope that you enjoyed the article! Everything is and will remain, free, but please consider chipping in a little bit to help support our efforts. Every donation (even $1) is camden, greatly appreciated and helps to cover our time and server costs. How To A Thematic Essay! The more support that we get the more interesting new content we can get out there! 22 thoughts on “Something’s Rank – Black Belts in Aikido”

I enjoyed your thoughts on this. After over 30 years of study in several different martial arts, I have formed the opinion that organizations tend to the thesis centre st promote people who like the status provided by organizations. Unfortunately, these same people are most often not the people most capable of teaching quality martial arts. Maybe someday, organizations will develop the foresight to essays form a committee on “technical matters” including internal aspects, and the thesis camden st entry into this committee will not be determined by rank… but rather anonymous vote my members. Ha ha. Op Art Paper! It might work. The Thesis! And then, perhaps, you might have lower ranks teaching deep principles to clueless 5th dans. Ha ha. Have a good day. Hmm…I’ll believe it when I see it. #128578;

Thanks for essays, this article. Some 45 years ago I joined Judo at the thesis centre st, an university in the Netherlands. They had a no-ranking system. From white to black by on paper clips, merit (through combat). After about 6 months I was invited to join the team to a club nearby. The Thesis Centre Camden! When my. turn came I floored my opponent ( a big guy, black belt, 20+ kg more) three. times. The referee decided in favor of my opponent, imagine a white belt. beating a black belt. Research Newspapers! After the match my opponent came over to me and apologized.

for the behavior of the referee. After another 3 months I left the centre, club, they were so in competing. After another. year I left the university with no degree for essay, the same reason. Only yesterday I was contemplating if I would have met an Aikido team would. that have my life ? Yes, it would greatly.

I have no regrets but I will advertise. Aikido wherever I come. Ben, this is centre camden st, exactly what I have experienced as well. Scholarly! I have been practicing Aikido for 14 years now; 3 different styles/schools and 3 different countries. It’s the same everywhere: ranking =competition.

This whole harmony/ non-competetive thing in the thesis camden st, Aikido has just developed into a ‘playing games’ sort of thing: “my toy is better than yours”. Children usually play such games in kindergarten. #128521; Absolutely I agree with the history as you have presented it, but Ueshiba’s senior students did make some use of the writing essay, system to st support their methodology. The first couple of Kyu ranks for Yoshinkan, Aikikai, Shodokan, and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido are where the write on paper clips, various systems seem to see the most obvious disparity. Yellow belts across the various systems will have different foundational material and look to the thesis st be in completely divorced arts – the exercises for power and structure in Yoshinkan, the logical and methodical approach to combat arts in Shodokan, the nursing professionalism essays, Ki no Taiso with it’s direct connection to techniques and the thesis camden an opportunity to relax and explore in professionalism essays, solo forms. Later on this becomes just different teaching methods for the thesis st, the same art as black belts do not look to be so different. The Kyu system reinforces How they get to minimum competence in a system. As these things go in Japan – people follow the crowd and the dan-i system was pretty universally adopted, with each group or individual attempting to fit their methodology into that format, but the write on paper, implementation of it is centre, prone to problems. How To Essay! One problem is that it tends to centre camden st encourage a hierarchical structure that often ends up being seniority based more than anything else.

Another is that none of the major organizations that I’ve seen really have any systematic method of monitoring what’s going on – if they were universities they would be unaccredited and unaccreditable. Diploma mills, if you will. In any case, my thinking these days is that this kind of structure causes more problems than it’s worth in the case of scarborough newspapers, adult practice. People have no problems getting to a level of competence in any number of the thesis, arts and sports without that kind of a system – it’s just not necessary. One last thing to think about – Kisshomaru Ueshiba was of the opinion that it took “only two or three years” to learn the techniques (and this was pre-war he was talking about with some 3,000 techniques in the official curriculum). What are folks doing the rest of the time that they’re crawling through the ranks? Funding an organization – which he himself admitted was one of the reasons for implementing the dan-i system so strongly after the writing scholarly essay, war. We need a better model for supporting organizations. Good point. There is often time in camden st, practice minimums attached that say nothing about the ability of the writing scholarly, student – and it should be possible for someone with related experience to advance faster. The Thesis Centre Camden! We do not have any acknowledgement of nursing, teaching ability until Fukushidoin, shidoin, and centre camden Shihan but there is no exam to verify the ability to teach or the research newspapers, understanding of a teaching method.

Dojos have also been asked to centre camden st not put many people forward for these certificates, and they do get renewed annually to make sure someone is still following the association’s dictates (and paying annual dues). I understand other groups do make this an exam. I’ve now become a Sandan in an organization that never holds tests for ranks higher than Sandan, so I am more self-directed in my learning and I chose to look at other systems – but I have been told this may be politically ill advised. Rank becomes about paper, politics exclusively by mid-Dan ranks that I can see. I suppose if it was a pure meritocracy high Dan ranks would get older, and st instead of more senior and more politically powerful maybe get ill, maybe become less proficient with time. We retire people in other professions. That’s all true – but it’s not only that.

There’s no process for accrediting the groups granting the ranks. Writing Essay! I’ve been through the accrediting process for educational institutions and the standards and safeguards are very elaborate. It’s because of that process that degree granting institutions are trusted, and that the degrees have meaning. The Thesis Centre St! We really have nothing similar, or even close, to a process that includes peer evaluations and evaluations by an external accrediting body. That would be one option fora purpose for large organizations, if they are attempting to justify their existence.

Actually talented students can indeed learn the “3000” techniques in 3 years (or so). However you have to understand two things: 1) when I started Aikido it was “consensus” that a Sho Dan actually indeed has to know and be able to show those 3000 techniques. In the on paper clips, sense of showing the basic technique, not in the sense of camden, being able to win with it in op art research paper, a fight. 2) traditional martial arts count the amount of techniques different than a westerner would do. Camden St! There is no “Ikkyo” and “Shi Ho Nage” (which we would count as 2 techniques), there is “Shomen Uchi – Ikkyo Omote” plus “Shomen Uchi – Ikkyo Ura” plus all the how to write a thematic, other Ikkyo you can do from centre st, other attacks.

Hence Ikkyo alone is about 20 attacks multiplied by omote and ura, plus the same in scarborough research, Hanmi Hantachi Waza, plus Suwari Waza, plus multiple attackers, plus 3 weapons. That is easy 150 techniques: which we westerners all call: Ikkyo. If you use this counting schema for the roughly 20 Aikido techniques you end up with about 3000 – 4000 attack/defense variations. That’s a valid point about camden, variations. On the other hand, there are quite a few techniques documented in places like the Takumakai’s Soden that are no longer practiced in modern Aikido, so I’d be hard put to say that variations are a complete answer to the count of techniques. Ironically maybe the original intent. Grade 1, 2, 3… Yellow, Orange, Green… If training and grading was structured the writing scholarly essay, same as a formal education system, then the accreditation process could be formally applied. I understand there were organizations that were taking on the thesis camden st authority with things like Aiki-Budo was told it had to change it’s name. I can’t remember the group name. Write A Thematic Essay Outline! Administration rolls in a Ryu, scrolls, names of students enrolled – there seems to have been significant effort to make education verifiable for many years in centre camden st, Japanese arts.

The method of verification in most koryu is basically top down. That works OK with smaller groups, but not so much with the larege, diffuse groups in modern martial arts. Scarborough Research Newspapers! It’s also quite a bit different than a modern system of third party or peer accreditation. The Dai Nippon Butokukai made some efforts to the thesis centre standardize Budo before the scholarly essay, war, but that wasn’t part of its original charter, that occurred as part of the pre-war Japanese militarization of camden, Budo in order to promote the war effort. Chris, as I heard it from a couple of experts in write essay, Chinese martial-arts, there used to be an camden st, old saying in China about Shuai Jiao (the precursor art to Judo, Ju-jutsu, Sumo, and others) to the effect that you should be careful about challenging someone with a black belt (it was an obi, just like the ones the Japanese adopted). It was traditional to not wash the obi, so with a lot of practice the obi would turn black. Hence a “black belt” represents someone with probable skills developed in a lot of practice. The same thing was also said about someone with a spear that had a black shaft. After a lot of research newspapers, usage, the white-waxwood shaft would be black from handling, so the idea was to the thesis centre st be careful challenging someone with a blackened spear shaft.

Our organizations are led based upon on procrastination individuals’ ranks; we convince ourselves that those ranks are issued based upon objective ability and that we strive within meritocracies, when in centre camden, fact there is scarborough research newspapers, no objective way to measure Aikido skill and knowledge and we find ourselves instead in gerontocracies (rule by age/seniority). Testing for rank supposedly requires demonstration of higher skill levels, but the actual test requirements in pretty much every organization are based upon technique, not skills (food for a separate discussion); in what way is “shodan level” shomenuchi ikkyo *measurably* different than 6th kyu level shomenuchi ikkyo? I had an intriguing conversation many years ago with a young bagua-zhang instructor who insisted that all martial arts across the globe have been affected by the kyu/dan ranking system; as a result, all martial artists have become trapped in an enforced parent/child relationship with their teachers that lasts their entire adult lives which becomes increasingly harmful for everybody the longer it lasts. The junior is held in the role of submissive receiver, and the senior is the thesis, held in the role of infallible teacher when after decades the difference in their time-in-training becomes increasingly meaningless – when historically, every martial art had to be transmittable in writing essay, a handful of years or the students wouldn’t live long enough for the art to matter. It was an the thesis st, interesting premise! I have recently also spent a lot of research, time thinking about western academic models – bachelors, masters, PhD degrees being roughly analogous to the menkyo systems. In academia there are also “professional” ranks – asst. Centre Camden St! professor, full professor etc., and a thematic essay outline now increasingly there are specialty certifications being issued by many institutions. Centre St! However, regardless of nursing professionalism, one’s degree institution or how long one has held his or her degree (1 year or 40 years), PhDs are respected as peers. There’s an centre camden st, old joke in academia – what do you call an individual who barely graduated last in his class with a PhD from Podunk College, Alabama? Doctor.

What do you call an individual who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Medical School? Doctor. Further prestige and writing scholarly status among academics has to be earned by performance. Also worth thinking about. At any rate, I just wanted to the thesis centre camden st comment that this is a well-researched and op art valuable article, thanks for centre, taking the time to put it out there. Thanks Guy, and write clips thanks for the input!

Koryu has a very different mandate than a modern budo, particularly those modern schools embracing a competitive element, hence teaching ability is favored over technical ability. For this reason, not only do we not issue ranks in TSYR, they are specifically prohibited in centre camden st, our kaiki. As historical preservationist, the key to research paper a koryu’s survival is cultivating teaching skills. The Thesis Centre St! A really detrimental side effect of writing scholarly essay, a technical ranking system is the centre st, automatic assumption that technical skills infer teaching skills. Essays! In my experience, nothing could be farther from the truth. Absolutely! The best performers rarely make the best coaches, and vice versa. That doesn’t even get into the thesis centre camden administrative and organizational skills, which are also often decided by nursing professionalism essays, rank or seniority. The kyu-dan system has been adopted by professor Kano when his organization started to grow. The Thesis Centre Camden St! As in Judo there is randori, it was felt important to know immediately what level a visitor was, so as to op art be able to use the right amount of force. White: he is still learning ukemi.

Brown: he can fight but he is centre camden st, not very experienced. Black: we can test him with all our force. After, the black belt magic impressed the mind of the common people. What a terrific piece, well researched and written, thoughtful, non-judgmental, and insightful. I loved it. I’d like to quote from it in research, one of my next books. Any objections? Sure Dan, I’m glad you liked it! Great to hear from you again. Very interesting post, rank is something very subjective not only within Aikido but also compared to other martial arts. People should be realistic and centre camden st honest with themselves about the on procrastination, rank they have achieved, because the governing bodies of the organizations will not so easily do away with ranks, be it for better organization or profit.

So it’s up to the individual to value and represent his rank accordingly, and recognize what merits earned him/her that rank, be it technical skill, support to their community and Dojo, time and dedication to their practice, etc. Thanks for the article, I enjoyed reading it a lot.

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Your E-Resume’s File Format Aligns with its Delivery Method. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. E-resume, or electronic resume, is a broadly used term that covers several types of resumes. Online resume submission, however, has become so pervasive that “resume” is nearly synonymous with “electronic resume.” The way a resume is intended to the thesis centre be delivered to its recipient determines the technological approach you should take to the resume’s preparation. Write On Paper Clips? This article describes the centre camden most common types of e-resumes and nursing professionalism offers some general guidelines on camden how to create them. Formatted, “print” resume , also known as a word-processed resume or traditional paper resume, is created in a word-processing application.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used and is advisable to essay outline use for that reason. The Thesis St? If you are sending your formatted, print resume as an attachment to an e-mail message, it is clips, inadvisable to use a program other than Word. The Thesis Centre Camden? File extensions for formatted, print resumes include .doc and .docx. Even though most Word users can now open .docx files, it may be best to save your Word resume with a .doc extension for newspapers the remaining users who cannot open .docx. Common delivery methods for the thesis camden st the formatted, print resume include regular postal mail, faxing, hand-delivery (such as in a networking or interview situation, or at write a thematic essay outline, a career fair), and e-mail attachment. Camden St? A few words about Rich Text (.rtf): Once a popular format for professionalism essays resume submissions, .rtf is almost never requested by the thesis camden employers anymore. and should not be used unless you are using a word-processing application that does not enable you to convert a file to scholarly .doc format. Looking at a resume file in .rtf also gives you a glimpse into what many employers initially see since some applicant-tracking software converts resumes to the thesis camden .rtf to perform searches on it, says Dawn D. Boyer, M.Ad.Ed., of DBoyer Consulting. The formatted, print resume is known for its attractive visual presentation of the job-seeker. For that reason, it is on paper clips, especially useful outside the sphere of electronic delivery — in networking situations, at career fairs, in job interviews, and on the rare occasion when an employer requests a resume via postal mail or when you want to get extra attention by the thesis centre camden submitting your resume both electronically and by professionalism essays postal mail. When sent as an st e-mail attachment, however, its formatting may appear inconsistently from computer to computer, and it is newspapers, vulnerable to viruses.

Worse, the formatting probably won’t translate well to the employer’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. “Lines, graphics, fancy bullets, text boxes, tables, and graphics (logos) … are the issues the the thesis centre camden st ATS programs encounter when uploading a resume into a company’s resume database,” Boyer notes. Don’t send a formatted, print resume as an attachment unless (a) you’re sure it’s the research employer’s preference, (b) you also provide another alternative, preferably your text-based resume pasted into st, the body of an e-mail message, or (c) you’ve stripped the resume of all but the most basic formatting. Text resume , also known as a text-based resume, plain-text resume, or ASCII text resume, is the preferred format for write submitting resumes electronically. A text resume, which carries the .txt file extension, is stripped of virtually all its formatting and is not especially visually appealing, which is the thesis camden, OK since its main purpose is to a thematic essay be placed into one of the keyword-searchable databases that the the thesis camden vast majority of today’s large employers now use. The text resume is not vulnerable to viruses and essay is compatible across computer programs and platforms. The Thesis Centre St? It is highly versatile and can be used for: Posting in its entirety on many job boards. Pasting piece-by-piece into nursing, the profile forms of st job boards, such as Pasting into writing scholarly, the body of an e-mail and camden sending to employers. Converting to a Web-based HTML resume. Sending as an attachment to employers, although you’ll probably also want to send your formatted version.

Numerous resources are available to guide you through creating a text resume or converting your existing formatted resume to text, including Susan Ireland’s How to Upload or Email a Resume. You can see what a typical text resume looks like in writing scholarly essay, this sample text chronological resume. Portable Document Format (PDF) resume offers the advantages of being completely invulnerable to viruses and totally compatible across computer systems (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software, a free download, to be opened and read). Have you ever noticed that when you send a resume (or any document) as an attachment from your computer to someone else’s computer, it sometimes doesn’t look the same on the other person’s computer as it did on yours? Maybe it has more pages on the thesis camden st the other computer, or maybe Page 2 starts at the bottom of Page 1, or maybe the fonts are different.

A resume converted to scholarly PDF, which carries a .pdf file extension, looks virtually identical to the original document from which it was created, thus preserving the resume’s visual appeal, and it also appears consistently from computer to computer. Many employers specifically request PDF resume files. For the most up-to-date word on PDF resumes, see our article, Pros and Cons of PDF Resumes in Job-Search. For examples of PDF resumes, you can view any of the samples in our sample section. Web resume , also known as an the thesis camden st HTML, Web-based, or Web-ready resume, is advantageous in write, a number of centre camden st ways: Employers can access your resume 24/7. If you’re talking on the phone with an employer in another city who wants to clips see a copy of your resume, you can simply refer the employer to centre the Web address where your resume resides.

Resumes published on the Web, which often carry the file extension .html or .htm, enable passive job-seeking because employers sometimes find your resume on the Web using various search mechanisms. A resume published on the Web can be expanded into a Web portfolio that includes links to essays work samples (written work, graphic design, other Web pages you’ve designed, photographs, reports, etc.) that can demonstrate your skills to employers. The Thesis Centre? If Web design is a career you are pursuing, a Web-based resume can show off your design skills. The only catch to having a Web-ready resume is that you need to have a place to host it and write on paper a means to camden publish it. The most likely candidates for Web-based resumes are those who already have their own Web pages or access to research Web space. For example, many universities provide Web space for their students.

But even if you don’t have your own space, you can still use a Web-ready resume. Some Web sites offer free Web-space hosting. Check also with your Internet service provider to see if Web hosting is the thesis st, included in available services. Learn everything you need to know about creating a Web resume or converting an existing resume to a Web resume in our article, A Web-Ready Resume Can Be a Major Advantage in Your Job Search. Do not confuse a Web-ready resume with one that can be posted on job boards, such as Most job boards explicitly prohibit HTML resumes. Scannable resumes , which were all the rage just a few years ago, are very rarely requested by employers today. Why? Because a scannable resume is clips, basically a print resume that the employer turns into an electronic resume by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and then placing it into a keyword-searchable database. With the the thesis centre growth of e-mail as a mode of communication, employers soon asked themselves, “Why are we going through the research extra step of scanning hard-copy when we could have resumes e-mailed to the thesis st us and place them directly into databases without having to scan them first?” A former student of mine who had entered the human-resources field once told me that resumes e-mailed to his company could enter the database in on procrastination, a matter of days, while a resume that had to be scanned could take up to three weeks to be placed in st, the database because of the extra labor involved. You still may occasionally encounter employers, however, who request scannable resumes.

The rules for scannable resumes are virtually the same as for text resumes except that scannable resumes are generally printed out and on procrastination sent by the thesis centre st fax or postal mail. They can also be sent as e-mail attachments. For the lowdown on preparing a scannable resume, see our article, How to Write Text Resumes. Final Thoughts on E-Resume Formats. Boyer summarizes well why applicants need a good understanding of op art these resume formats: “Job-seekers must understand — recruiters may be dealing with as many as 200-400 resumes for a single job; they are NOT going to bother with any resume that doesn’t easily convert over into their system,” she notes. “Text formatting and the MS Word Document (.doc) allows easier search capabilities within the ATS — so should be a standard for the thesis centre st any/all job-seekers for resumes.” PDF resumes, print resumes, and Web-based resumes, while problematic for online submission, have their uses, as well. Questions about some of the terminology used in this article? Get more information (definitions and links) on key college, career, and job-search terms by going to our Job-Seeker’s Glossary of Job-Hunting Terms.

Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine , an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career . Katharine, who earned her PhD in nursing professionalism essays, organizational behavior from the thesis centre camden st Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in scarborough research, the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by the thesis Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Nursing? Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters , Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at kathy(at) Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. And take advantage of all of our free resume resources, including articles, tutorials, quizzes, and much more! Maximize your career and centre camden job-search knowledge and skills! Take advantage of The Quintessential Careers Content Index, which enables site visitors to locate articles, tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets in 35 career, college, job-search topic areas. Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the job you want.

Dr. Randall S. Clips? Hansen. Dr. Centre Camden? Randall S. Hansen is founder of clips Quintessential Careers, one of the st oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is also founder of and He is a thematic essay outline, publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the st Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is essays on procrastination, also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles. The Thesis Centre Camden St? He’s often quoted in write, the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr.

Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at Check out Dr. Hansen on the thesis centre camden GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for nursing essays New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and the thesis with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Write On Paper? Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You’ll find some great free career-change tools and resources.

Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for camden st a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by how to write a thematic essay outline the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an centre archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the essays on procrastination new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for st Job-Seekers and Careerists. Interview Advice Job []

The Quintessential Directory of on paper Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on centre camden their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to how to write essay the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

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10 practical tips for writing better exam essays. The key words in the title are practical and exam . Last week I ran a “competition” to write an essay on aid and poverty. Centre Camden St? The essays I received were spectacularly good and I do suggest you check them out in the comments section. My one worry though was were they really practical essays in scarborough research newspapers an exam. My essay, which you will find below, is I think much simpler than almost all the essays I received and perhaps a more practical model for st exams. I should add that these are mostly band score 8.0 writing tips and are written especially for candidates who are aiming high. The moral is: 1. Read write read write read write read write read write read. Essays? What does this mean?

It means that you should go back and read the camden st paragraph you have just written before you start the next one. Essays On Procrastination? You may think that this is centre, a waste of op art paper time. If so, you’d be wrong. It’s important to link your paragraphs together what more practical way to do that than just read what you have written? It helps you with words for the next paragraph it is good to repeat some words as this improves your coherence. Look at my sample essay to see how I repeat/reflect language. In one paragraph I talk about the short term, this makes it easy to the thesis centre camden move onto the long term in the next paragraph. Op Art? You may also want to check out my series of lessons on the process of writing IELTS essays where you will find a much more detailed explanation of this, 2. Don’t be smart, be clear select your best idea. One of my very first posts/articles on this site was headed “IELTS is not a test of intelligence”. While the post itself now looks a little old, the the thesis centre camden advice is still good. You are being tested on the quality of op art paper your English, not on the quality of your ideas.

This advice is particularly important for candidates who come from an academic background where they are used to being graded on quality and quantity of ideas. IELTS is different: it is quite possible to write a band 9.0 essay and not include some key #8220;academic#8221; ideas, let alone all the ideas. The practical advice here is to the thesis camden st select your best idea and write about essays that. The Thesis Centre St? That means not writing everything you know leave some ideas out . Don’t worry if it is not your best explanation, worry about whether it is your clearest explanation. 3. Essays On Procrastination? Write about what you know relax about centre st ideas. Writing? This is a similar idea. IELTS is an international exam (that’s the “I” in IELTS) and centre the questions are written to be answered by anyone around the write on paper world.

Some people stress about finding ideas. They shouldn’t. The ideas you need are generally simple (eg”I disagree”, “This is not a good idea”). The practical solution is to think about what YOU know and what YOUR experience is. If you look at centre the question, this is what it tells you to do.

If you come from Bonn, write about Bonn; if you come from Ulan Bator, write about Ulan Bator! 4. Examples are easier to write than explanations. In an exam you are under pressure. You want to make things as easy for yourself as possible. One practical idea to achieve this is to focus as much on examples as explanations when you write. Why? It’s simply harder if you only think “because”. Some of the ideas may be very complex and, under pressure, it can be difficult to explain these with reasons. What may happen is that your sentences become too long and the ideas confused. Writing Scholarly Essay? The practical bit is to concentrate as much on examples.

This is a good idea as examples tend to be easier to write as you are simply describing situations. You should also note that the instructions tell you to use examples! All you need to centre do is make sure that your examples are relevant to the main idea. 5. Don’t write too much the examiner is paid by the minute. There is no upper word limit I know of, but it really isn’t a good idea to write 350 words or more. Here’s why: Examiners will only spend so much time looking at any essay. Write too much and they will read what you wrote “less carefully”. It is on procrastination, easier to read/grade a 300 word essay than a 400 word essay! The more you write, the more likely you are to make language mistakes. Centre Camden? The more you write, the research paper more likely you are to go off topic. The examiner won’t read/grade anything that doesn’t directly relate to the question.

If you write less, you give yourself more time to choose the best words and that’s what you are being graded on. If you write less, you give yourself more time to the thesis centre camden go back and check what you have written. One of the most famous philosophical thoughts is “know yourself”. How does this apply to exam writing? Did Plato really have IELTS in mind when he wrote his dialogues? Well, no, but#8230; The idea is that you should check for your mistakes when you write. The practical part here is that you shouldn’t check for write on paper mistakes generally that’s too hard and probably a waste of the thesis centre st time in the exam. Scarborough Research Newspapers? What isn’t a waste of time though is to look for mistakes you know you can correct the ones you normally make! The really practical thing is to have your own checklist in your head before you start writing. 7. See the whole essay in your head before you start writing. It’s very important that your essay is the thesis centre st, a whole that all the bits fit together.

If you don’t do that, you may lose significant marks for nursing essays both coherence and task response. This means planning of course. Planning bothers some people and bores others. There are different ways to do this, but at the very least have a map of camden st your essay in your head. 8. Focus on the backbone of your essay.

This is research, a related point. The Thesis Camden St? All the essay matters of course, but perhaps some bits matter more than others. I’d suggest the practical thing to do is concentrate on the backbone of your essay, the bits that help you write better and the examiner to understand better. The backbone is: The introduction : this should identify the question and outline your position. Don’t rush it as it is the scarborough research newspapers first thing the examiner will read. First impressions count. The first/topic sentences of each paragraph : these should be clear and to the point. They should identify exactly what that paragraph is about and show how it relates to the rest of the camden st essay. The practical tip is to nursing essays keep the the thesis centre camden st detail/clever ideas for the body of the paragraph.

Start off general and on procrastination then build towards the specific. The conclusion : this is the easiest part of the essay normally. Most often, all you need to do is go back to the introduction and rephrase it. Get these bits right and the rest of the essay tends to take care of itself. 9. Don’t just practice whole essays. The best way to learn to write essays is to write essays? True or false? My answer is a bit of both. Yes, you do need to practise writing complete essays, but it may be a mistake to do only that. The different part of essays require slightly different skills. The Thesis St? To write an introduction, you need to be able to paraphrase the question.

To write a body paragraph, you need to be able to op art explain ideas. To write a conclusion, you need to be able summarise. The practical suggestion is to practise writing introductions, body paragraphs and camden st conclusions separately. Focus on skills. 10. Focus on the question and refocus on the question. I have left this one to last as it is for me the most important idea. Essays go wrong for different reasons. Some of these you may not be able to op art research paper avoid: the quality of your English may not be good enough yet. Centre Camden St? The one mistake you can always avoid is that you didn’t answer the question.

Too many essays go wrong because candidates didn’t read and think about the question properly. The practical suggestion: before you write each paragraph, refer back to the question to remind yourself about what you are meant to essays on procrastination write about. It is very easy to get carried away in exams. You may start off on topic, then you have a “good idea” as you write. So you write about that.

Sadly, that “good idea” may not fully relate to the question. Big problem. My sample essay on poverty and centre aid. This essay which you can download below is intended to be an example of the ideas in this post. It is fairly simple in structure.

It focuses clearly on the question I left many of my best ideas out. Scholarly? I concentrated on the thesis camden, what I could explain clearly. It comes in at only just over 300 words. This is where I catalogue all my writing materials. If you are looking for more specific advice, this is the place to start. The ideas here are similar and you will find more general guidance on write on paper clips, dos and don#8217;ts in IELTS essays.

How to the thesis centre camden like it, share it and research newspapers save it. Get more help with IELTS preparation on centre st, the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on Facebook - all the nursing professionalism essays updates and even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by email. 96 Responses to 10 practical tips for writing better exam essays. Thank you, Dominic. Very useful.

And a very nice essay! fanks so much, this is excellent. Centre St? Thanks for all your tips. I think it is really useful for me. Write On Paper Clips? thank you!! This is a big help for me #128521; Thanks for good information. Really it is very help full. now i got why i dropped out the last two exams. hope these tips will help a lot in my test to achieve a good score#8230;thanks for tips.. Centre? I want to a thematic essay outline write exam. Can we use #8216;quotation#8217; in the essay (task 2)?

Umm, I actually have a plan to start my essay with quotation (of course if the topic allows me to the thesis centre st do so). To illustrate, lets say the topic is #8216;Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in write a thematic outline which they are sold#8217;. To what exten do you agree or disagree. Can I have the following introduction: #8216;Brother, please convince dad to buy me Galaxy S4#8217;-said my 12 years old younger brother. I was wondering why a 12 years old would need a Galaxy S4. The Thesis St? Then I realized he actually does not need this, it is the eye catching advertisements that made him feel he needs this. Scholarly Essay? Truely, people nowadays buy many things because of the attractive advertisements, even if they actually do not need this. Umm how do you rate this introduction? Is there any problem to centre camden use #8216;quotation#8217;?

The instruction says that you should use any relevant examples or experience. So logically there should not be any problem, right? But the problem is I have not seen this approach in any of the model answers. Scarborough Research Newspapers? So not sure whether this is a good one. Thanks in centre st advance. Please tell me what is wrong with me writing and nursing essays how I should improve my writing to get 7 or even 8 easily. Nowadays, everyone wants to be famous and tries to be shown on the silver screen. Although some people reckon that fame has a lot of the thesis centre camden st merits, others have a different idea in this. Write A Thematic Outline? In this essay, both advantages and disadvantages of being a celebrity will be elaborated.

Being famous has a significant number of positive points which will be discussed in centre more details. Scarborough? Celebrities receive huge amounts of money, so they can buy luxurious cars, devices and the thesis centre camden gadgets. Therefore, they enjoy their lives as well as draw ordinary people#8217;s attention. For example, TV, magazines, newspapers and yellow pages print their photos on op art research, the front page, and they can be viewed by viewers. Also, they can really enjoy their lives because they can purchase what they like. On the other hand, there are some negative sides with fame, which cannot go unseen.

Famous people do not have privacy at centre camden st all, so they cannot live like ordinary people. Write? For instance, they cannot go to shopping centres and do shopping there because people will gather to take a photo with them, due to their high popularity amongst people, especially teenagers. In addition, paparazzi and centre camden journalists scrutinize their personal lives because people like to write on paper clips know about their stars. As a result, superstars always should hide themselves from the eyes of journalists who want to camden st intrude their privacy. Furthermore, because of being a model for pupils and adults, they are responsible for their actions because teenagers adore and writing scholarly essay follow them. To sum up, demerits of the thesis centre camden st fame outweigh its positive points because of reasons which were cited in this essay. Thank you so much:D.

thanks helped a lot. I must say that you have worked really well on this piece of writing. It brings some new thoughts in reader#8217;s mind and that will really reflect in the way he usually thinks over a matter. The writing ideas you suggested is looking working and paper effective in both cases, whether for surpassing the existing skills or to have some new skills. Good job,thank u. Thanks for helping self learners all over the world. God bless you abundantly. Thank you! You are my angel. i hope that ,it is the thesis centre camden st, useful my ilets exam,thanks for giving good message.

Thank you for ur kind information#8230;.. These informations will be surely useful for ma future life#8230;. Scarborough? thank you, good advice is centre camden st, beyond price. A big thank you Dominic.. I was able to clear IELTS(7) by following your website. It is extremely valid for how to a thematic essay outline IELTS preparation, since you should be aware of the scoring criteria. thanx a lot ,,4 nice tips. The Thesis Centre? Thank you sir for your best effort#8230;. Myriad of thanks for letting me be courageous to dream for a better score than I really deserve in the real test.

Good,better and even best tips. thank you for all informations. Thanks for your advice! it will be very useful to study for the exam. However, I want you to ask for one last advice#8230; I dont know how to start studying for the writing test, what do you think is the order of steps to success? thanks in advance. The practical advice here is to select your best idea and write about that. That means not writing everything you know. these tips are obsolutely marvellous.i will use it to score my ielts writing.

Really nice tips. I was first surprised that the SBI PO exam also involves an English descriptive test that may even ask you to write essay. I was never good at essay writing, but now, I am getting better thanks to such wonderful tips and writing online practice material I got. Camden St? Working more on my exam preparation with more practice tests. Thanks your tips have certainly cleared many concepts that were ambiguous for me. thanks again! very nice helpfull. I#8217;m just talking from that #8216;Lett#8217;s GCSE guide to essays on procrastination get an A/A*#8217; Why are you doing their job in a complete opposite camden, behaviour?! Writing essays in paper exam is very hard thing in our school days#8230;#8230;. So this article is the thesis centre st, very helpful for collage and school students.

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Create a custom work item in Rational Team Concert. A hands-on example of using advanced customizations in a project area. Published on August 02, 2011. This content is part # of # in the series: Advanced customizations in centre, Rational Team Concert project areas, Part 1. This content is research, part of the series: Advanced customizations in Rational Team Concert project areas, Part 1. Stay tuned for additional content in this series. To follow this article, you need to have following software running and centre configured properly: IBM® Rational Team Concert™ version 3.0, which runs on op art the IBM® Rational® Jazz™ server Rational Team Concert 3.0, client for the Eclipse IDE.

This software can be installed and configured according to instructions provided in the Extending Rational Team Concert tutorial (see Related topics for a link). After completing that tutorial, you will have a local IBM® Rational® Jazz™ server up and st running, named . It can be accessed using this public URI: The default administrator access on write on paper this server has been disabled, and the thesis st a new admin user has been added as seemag , because these customizations are done by an administrator user. After you have the server running, open the Rational Team Concert client for the Eclipse IDE, and establish a connection to this local repository by nursing professionalism, using the option to Create a new jazz repository connection . Provide the public URI, , and the admin user name and password for the repository. Consider the role of project lead of a team that is working in an agile development project and using Rational Team Concert for project planning, tracking, and management activities. Assume that the centre st, project environment is very dynamic and there are too many risks, so there is a requirement to identify each risk carefully and track it until it ends. This can be achieved if the project team creates a custom work item type called Risk and op art research paper tracks it. The Thesis! This article shows how to do this in op art research, Rational Team Concert 3.0.

Before you can create any customizations on work items, you need to have a project area created and named TestProject . For this tutorial, it has been created already by the thesis camden, using the Scrum Process template. Any creation or customization of essays, a work item requires the configuration of several different aspects of work items in Rational Team Concert: enumerations, work item type categories, types, attributes, workflows and workflow bindings, editor presentations and centre st editor presentation bindings. In any project area, all of these entities are created independently and then bound together to create a fully functional work item type. The following steps are required to write on paper clips create a new Risk work item type that can be categorized as High Risk, Low Risk, or Medium Risk: Define a new work item type with attributes. Define a custom attribute for work item (which will hold the enumeration value) Create a workflow. St! Add all states of a Risk work item. Add all actions applicable for write a risk. Add all applicable resolutions for a risk. Associate appropriate actions with resolutions.

Identify transitions between various states of risk. Create an editor presentation. Bind the the thesis centre camden, workflow and editor presentation with new work item type. Define an enumeration called Risk Level. In Rational Team Concert any process configurations are done in professionalism essays, Process Configuration tab. Figure 1. Creating Enumerations in the thesis centre st, Rational Team Concert. Click Add to open the dialog window shown in Figure 2. Figure 2. Nursing! Providing ID and Name for an enumeration. Provide values as shown previously, and the thesis camden click OK . This will create a new enumeration called Risk Level.

Because a risk can take a value of High Risk, Low Risk, or Medium Risk, the next step would be to op art research associate these values with the the thesis st, previously created Risk Level enumeration. To add these literals in the Risk Level enumeration, click the Add button (see the previous screen, Figure 5), which will open the essays on procrastination, dialog window shown in Figure 4. Figure 4. Adding a high-risk enumeration literal in the Eclipse client. For each literal, select a name and (optionally) and icon. Using icons as visual cues is a best practice and makes it much easier to the thesis centre pick out essays, useful information than using a screen full of text. The Thesis! If you don't see the icon that you want, you can add more icons to the available icon list. Research Newspapers! Clicking OK will add High Risk literal. Add the other two literals, Low Risk and Medium Risk, in the same way. Define a new work item type with attributes.

After the enumeration is created, you need to create a new type of work item. To add a work item, in the Project Area directory, select Process Configuration Project Configuration Project Configuration Data WorkItems Types and Attributes . Figure 5. Adding new types of work items. Initially, selecting the Types and Attributes tab will list all types of work items that are available with the current process template of the Project Area, which is the Scrum Project template in centre st, this case. To add a new type to this list, click Add to open the writing scholarly essay, Add Type dialog window shown in Figure 6, so you can provide a name and an ID for centre the new type. Figure 6. Providing Name, ID and Category for a work item. Each type of work item is writing scholarly, associated with a category . You can choose a new category for the thesis camden st the Risk work item type or reuse any existing default category.

For this example, create a new category for Risk. Click OK . On the resulting screen (see Figure 7), select a visual icon for op art research paper this new type Risk . Figure 7. Initial screen after a Risk type is created. Scrolling down the screen will show other sections of the thesis st, a work item type, such as WorkFlow, Attributes, and scholarly so on. Camden St! You will add a new attribute to Risk type first. Scroll down to the Attributes panel. Make sure that you check the check box labeled Show only custom attributes to avoid viewing all default attributes required for functionality of the tool.

Initially, there will not be any custom attribute for how to a thematic new Risk work item type. Define a custom attribute that can hold the enumeration value. You will define a new custom attribute that can hold values from enumeration risk level and name it Risk Level . To add this custom attribute, click Add on the right side of Attributes section to open the dialog window shown in Figure 8. Figure 8. Adding custom attributes for a work item. Besides Name and ID , for camden Type , select the Risk Level enumeration, which you already created. Click OK , and then make sure that the attributes section of the Risk work item type reflects this new custom attribute.

Create a workflow for the newly created work item type. A workflow is a definition of the states, actions, resolutions, and transitions that represent the writing essay, life cycle of any work item type. Hence, any work item must have a workflow. Based on stakeholder discussions, the following workflow illustrated in Figure 9 has been identified for the Risk work item type. Figure 9. Workflow for a Risk type. To start creating a workflow for a work item in Rational Team Concert, open the project area and select Process Configuration Project Configuration Configuration Data WorkItems Workflows (see Figure 5). On the right side of the Workflows pane, click Add to open a new dialog window, so you can provide an ID and Name for the workflow that you are defining: ID: RiskWorkFlow Name: Risk WorkFlow Click OK, and a new workflow with the name Risk WorkFlow will be created.

The workflow created in this state acts as a container that will be populated with five data elements for Risk, as mentioned in the descriptions of the steps that follow: Add all states of a Risk work item. Add all actions applicable for centre camden st a risk. Add all applicable resolutions for a risk. Essays On Procrastination! Associate appropriate actions with resolutions.

Identify transitions between various states of centre camden, risk. In the following subsections, you will populate the Risk WorkFlow with previous data. Add all states of a Risk work item. To add states in a workflow, go to Workflows tab and select the newspapers, Risk Workflow that you created. As the the thesis centre camden st, state diagram in Figure 9 shows, a Risk can be in newspapers, one of four states: Identified, Analyzing, Blocking, and Closed . Camden St! The workflow will have various sections such as States, Actions, and Transitions. Scroll down to States section and click Add to open the research paper, Add State dialog window shown in Figure 10 (this screen was captured with different values specified for the Identified state). Besides the Name, Icon, and Description fields, there are two more parameters here: Group and Show Resolution . Figure 10. Adding a new state to the Risk workflow.

Any state in Rational Team Concert can be categorized into one of three standard groups: Because a Risk in the Identified state is an open work item, the centre camden, Open group has been chosen. The Show Resolution check box needs to nursing essays be checked only if it tags the work item as Closed with a proper resolution. In Figure 10, this check box is centre camden st, unchecked, because the newspapers, Identified state doesn't tag the work item as Closed. Click OK to camden st create the identified state.

You can create Analyzing, Blocking and Closed states in a similar way. The only difference is that, while creating a Closed state, the Show Resolution check box needs to be checked. After all the write on paper, states are created, the States section will look something like Figure 11. Figure 11. States of the st, Risk work item in the Risk workflow.

Add all actions applicable for a risk. In this step, all actions applicable on a Risk will be added. Scarborough Research! In the state diagram (Figure 9), arrows represent actions and eclipses represent states. As an example, initial action for any Risk is Open , which will create a Risk in Identified state. To add this action, scroll to the thesis centre st Actions section of Risk Workflow editor and click on Add to open a dialog window to add details about actions, as Figure 12 shows. Figure 12. Adding Open Action in Risk Workflow. By this time, the information in the Name, Icon, and Description fields will start looking quite familiar. Besides these regular attributes, each action needs to provide an additional parameter for Target State . Because the essay, Open action leads to the Identified state, the Target State in the previous diagram is selected as Identified.

Click OK to centre camden create the Open action. Add all other actions for a Risk work item in a similar fashion. After all of the essay, actions have been added, the Actions section of the Risk workflow will look like Figure 13. Figure 13. Actions section of workflow after adding all actions for Risk. The workflow for a work item also needs to provide the primary actions such as Start action , Resolve action , and Reopen action . These are the actions for the Risk work item: You can select these values in the workflow. Figure 14. The Thesis Centre St! Associating the Risk workflow with Start, Resolve, and Reopen actions. Add all applicable resolutions for a risk. In this step, all possible resolutions for essays a Risk work item will be added in the Risk workflow.

Assume that, based on camden stakeholders' discussions, a risk can be handled in only three ways: mitigating, containing, or declaring it invalid. So you will add three resolutions: Mitigated, Contained, and Invalid. Scroll down to the Resolutions section and click Add to open the scarborough newspapers, dialog window shown in Figure 15. Figure 15. Add Resolution dialog window in the Risk workflow. The screen capture provided here reflects values for Contained resolution. Click OK to create the the thesis centre, Contained resolution.

Add two other resolutions, Mitigated and write on paper clips Invalid, in the thesis centre camden st, the same way. After you add all of the resolutions, the Resolutions section of the workflow, it will look like Figure 16. Figure 16. Resolutions section of the professionalism essays, Risk workflow. Associate appropriate actions with resolutions. After you have added all of the resolutions, it's time to revisit actions in the workflow and associate resolutions with actions that can lead to resolutions of centre camden st, a Risk. In the current scenario, only the Close action can resolve the Risk. To associate this action with Resolutions, select Close and select the check boxes for all resolutions (Contained, Mitigated, and Invalid).

The actions pane of the Risk workflow will then display what Figure 17 shows. Figure 17. Actions in the Risk workflow after adding resolutions to actions. The end user is presented these resolutions in the same order as they appear in write outline, the workflow. The Thesis! You can move items up or down with the buttons toward the right side of scarborough research newspapers, Actions pane.

Identify transitions between various states of a Risk item. In this step, you need to identify the transitions between various states of a work item. If you do not identify this, the Transitions pane of the Risk workflow will appear as the matrix in Figure 18 shows. Figure 18. Initial Transitions Section in the Risk workflow. The matrix for the thesis centre various states has already been created. The transitions for various stages need to essays on procrastination be identified and the thesis st populated in the matrix. Essays! Looking at the state diagram closely, the following observations can be made: An Identified risk can get into only an Analyzing state, and the action with which the state can change is centre st, Assign. It cannot directly go to op art research any other state.

A risk in the Analyzing state can move into camden st, the Blocking state or Closed state, depending on whether an Escalate action or Close action has been taken. How To A Thematic Outline! A risk in Blocking state can get into the Analyzing or Closed state, depending on whether a Revisit or Close action has been taken. A risk in the thesis camden, Closed state can get into the Analyzing state if a Reopen action has been taken. Based on these observations, you can provide the transitions shown in Figure 19: Identified to Analyzing with an Assign action Analyzing to Blocking with an Escalate action and Analyzing to how to a thematic essay Closed with close action Blocking to Analyzing with a Revisit action and from Blocking to Closed with close action Closed to Analyzing with a Reopen action. Figure 19. Centre Camden! Final Transitions section in the Risk workflow. With the creation of transitions, you have finished creating the workflow for the Risk work item.

Create an editor presentation for op art research paper the new work item type. An editor presentation acts as the the thesis centre st, form to scarborough research present a work item to users. In current versions of Rational Team Concert, a work item can be displayed four different ways: Work Item Editor, the the thesis centre st, presentation used in the Eclipse client and on paper the web client when displaying a work item in the thesis centre camden, the Editor view Inline Work Item Editor, used in how to essay, web client to display work item details in a Plan view Lightweight Work Item Creation dialog, used in the web client when creating work items Plan Editor Preview, displayed as a pop-up window in the Eclipse client when the the thesis camden st, user moves the cursor over a work item in the Plan Editor view. A work item can be viewed in any type of presentation, so all four editor presentations need to be created for any work item type. Scarborough Research Newspapers! All of the editor presentations are created in same way.

This article covers only creation of the Work Item editor presentation for the thesis camden st a Risk, but you need to create the three other editor presentations before using the new work item type in a project area. Rational Team Concert provides a default editor presentation that includes most of the research newspapers, fields, tabs, and so forth that are required to present any work item. The Thesis Camden St! The default layout can be changed by adding a few custom attributes. To start adding or editing the scholarly essay, Risk work item editor presentation, go back to Process Configuration Project Configuration Project Configuration Data WorkItems Editor Presentations , as shown in Figure 20. Look at combination box with title of Choose the editor presentation to edit . By default, the value will be The Thesis! Retain the default value, and click Duplicate . A dialog window will open for you to provide the ID for the duplicated editor presentation.

Give it a suitable name, such as RiskWorkitemEditorPresentation , and click OK. Figure 20 shows the RiskWorkitemEditorPresentation. Figure 20. Duplicated Risk editor presentation based on the default one. A presentation or view is divided into various tabs, sections, and presentations. Writing! The Header, Overview, Links, Approvals, and the thesis centre camden st so on form the tabs, and each tab has more parts.

For example, the Overview tab contains all details of a work item, and scarborough newspapers links refer to links for a work item. Centre Camden St! Depending on how to a thematic essay outline where you want to change the view, the the thesis camden, editor presentation needs to be modified. For this example, you are adding only one attribute in Details for the work item, and professionalism it can hold the value of Risk Level. Details are part of the Overview tab, so you start these modifications there. Shared content should not be modified directly in an editor presentation, because this would be shared between multiple editor presentations.

The Overview tab in Risk Work Item editor presentation has a content shared tag against the thesis centre st it, and essays on procrastination this should be duplicated before making any modifications. Select Overview , and the thesis camden st click Duplicate . Nursing Professionalism Essays! In the dialog window that opens, provide an appropriate name ( Overview in this case), and centre click OK . This will create an additional Overview tab that will not have a[content shared] notation. After the on paper clips, Overview tab is camden, created, it's time to research modify the Details sections to show the centre camden st, new Risk Level custom attribute in the Work Item editor presentation. Paper! Again, the the thesis centre camden st, Details section is shown with a [content shared] notation; therefore, it needs to be duplicated first. Select Details and click Duplicate once again. Scholarly! When you are prompted for an ID for duplicated section, provide an centre camden, appropriate name and click OK . At this stage, there will be two Overview tabs and how to essay two Details sections, one with the [content shared] notation and one without it, as shown in Figure 21.

Figure 21. Risk Work Item editor presentation after duplicating Overview and Details. Because you have Overview tabs and the thesis camden Details sections created specifically for the Risk editor presentation, you don't need the shared Overview tab and Details section anymore. To remove those sections or particular elements of the editor presentation, select the research, appropriate element ( Overview [shared content] and Details [shared content] ), and click Remove . After you remove the shared Overview tab and Details, notice that you have only one Overview and Details section, without any shared content in the RiskWorkitemEditorPresentation view. The next step is to modify the presentation for the custom attribute that you want to show in the Risk Work Item Editor: Risk Level. Expand the Details section by camden st, clicking on the plus sign + of the Overview tab, and then click Add Presentation . This will open a dialog window to provide values for on paper presentation field. The presentation can be attribute-based or non-attribute-based. Since you are adding the camden st, presentation field for a custom attribute of a Risk work item, select Attribute-based presentation . Figure 22. Provide values for an attribute-based presentation. The Risk Level has been chosen as the attribute, because the presentation is nursing essays, being added for the Risk Level attribute of the Risk work item type.

Choose Kind as an Enumeration, because Risk Level is an enumeration type. A label is required for visual identification of the presentation field. Click OK . There will now be a new presentation created for Risk Level in the Details section. You can change the the thesis st, position of this presentation by nursing professionalism essays, clicking the the thesis camden, Move Up or Move Down button. Figure 23. Risk Level presentation added to the presentation. With this, you have finished creating the how to essay outline, Work Item Editor for the Risk work item. Remember to add the other three types of editor presentations to be able to view the work item properly in centre, all views. Bind the essay, workflow and editor presentation with the centre st, Risk work item.

Until now, the workflow and editor presentations that you created exist as independent identities, without any link to writing scholarly essay the Risk work item type created earlier. To link these entities, go back to Process Configuration Project Configuration Configuration Data WorkItems Types and Attributes , and select the newly created type, Risk. Any work item in this place will have selection boxes to choose its various attributes, such as Work Item Editor, Inline Work Item Editor, Lightweight Work Item Creation Dialog, Plan Editor Preview, Workflow, and so forth. To select the editor presentations and workflow that you created as values of the Work Item editor presentation and workflow for the Risk type, choose the values shown in following two screen captures. (Figure 24) In the Project Area screen, under the Types and Attributes view, for Work Item Types, select Risk from the list. Camden St! For the Work Item Editor field, select RiskWorkItemEditorPresentation from the drop-down menu. (Figure 25) In the research paper, next view, under Workflow, select Risk Workflow from the drop-down menu. Figure 24. Binding the the thesis centre, Work Item Editor Presentation with the Risk type of work item. Figure 25. Binding the workflow with the Risk type.

Remember to bind other three types of editor presentations (inline work item editor, Lightweight Workitem Creation dialog and Plan Edior Preview) to be able to view the work item properly in scholarly, all views. Choose appropriate values for other three types of editor presentations, using the names that you gave to those. You have now created a fully functional type of work item called Risk. In the Team Artifacts view, to test the new work item type that you have created, open the TestProject project, and select Create Work Item . Figure 26 shows the resulting Create Work Item screen. Figure 26. Creating a new work item in Rational Team Concert. Notice that there is now a type of the thesis camden, work item called Risk. Select it, and then click Finish . This will create a new Risk work item. Notice the highlighted parts in the screen capture (Figure 27): Low Risk and Uninitiated [inactive].

A Risk Level attribute is displayed in the third row, with a default value of Low Risk, and the initial state of Risk is Uninitialized. As you recall from the workflow, a risk should move into the Identified state as soon as it is opened. Rational Team Concert treats the essays, Risk as Opened only the thesis camden st, when it is saved to the project. Save this Risk, and the state will change to Identified. Figure 28. Risk now shown in the Identified state. To test the workflow of this Risk work item, take specific actions. As an example, select Assign for this new Risk. Figure 29.

Performing an Assign action on a risk. As soon as Assign action is applied, the on procrastination, state of risk is changed to Analyzing. Figure 30. Risk in Analyzing state after performing the Assign action. At any point, you can choose to perform actions, as long as they are feasible from current state of a risk. Based on the action taken, the state of the the thesis centre camden st, Risk work item will keep changing. For example, an Escalate action will lead to a Blocking state, as shown in Figure 31.

Figure 31. Risk in write on paper clips, Blocking state after an Escalate action. You can also test that Resolutions being shown when a Close action is being performed and choose different resolutions. Using the second highlighted drop-down menu, to the right of the state (status) field, you can choose various resolutions. They are in the same order as you defined them in the workflow. When the resolution is selected and saved to the Project Area, the resolution can no longer be edited. Figure 32.

Performing a Close action on a Risk work item. Rational Team Concert provides extensive process configuration options to meet requirements of centre st, almost every project. On Paper! This article covered one of those customizations for work items in Rational Team Concert. As a part of this customization, a new type of work item was created for risks, along with its various aspects, including enumerations, custom attributes workflow, and so forth. There were details about the thesis centre st, various parts of the essays, workflow, focusing on states, transitions, resolutions, and actions. After all of the independent identities were created and linked, the newly created work item type was tested.

Team members can now create custom work items for different risks, based on that umbrella type of Risk work item. Watch the Using Rational Team Concert in a globally distributed team webcast or a demonstration of the Dashboards and reports. Download Rational Team Concert from (requires registration). Evaluate IBM software. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.